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Heart Murmur

I'm a 19 year old female. The other day (approximately 3 days ago) I was working out at my crossfit gym. I got off the rowing machine from a somewhat intense rowing session. I felt fine but then as I sat down, I started to get dizzy. My vision completely blurred, I couldn't see straight or even make out faces. In addition, my lips and finger nails turned blue, my face completely pale, I had trouble breathing, and my hands numb. I was very, very close to passing out, but didn't thanks to some amazing people that helped keep me calm, and called 911. I went to the doctor two days later and she heard a heart murmur. She suggested that we do an echo just to be on the safe side, as she also thinks it could possible be exercise induced asthma. Do these symptoms correlate to my newly discovered heart murmur? She said the murmur wasn't that bad, as in she could only hear it on one side of my chest but checked and made sure she could hear it at least 3 times. Do you think an echo is necessary as it is kind of pricey and my deductible is high.
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Considering you turned blue I would think it a wise idea to do the echo.  It's possible you just had a severe drop in blood pressure for some reason from over doing the workout but it best to get properly checked out.  Then talk to the doctor about how to safely exercise.  It is important to do a proper warm up and cool down and to stay well hydrated.  You may need a sports type drink that replenishes electrolytes when you work out.  Best of luck and keep us posted on how you are doing.
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