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Heart Palpatations,dizzyness.need help

Hello ,I am a 17 yr old girl and I have been experiencing heart palpataions/ dizzyness along with icy cold/clamy hands.The palpataions have been going on for several months now,and seem to have gotten more intense.Around the end of May I had woken up for the day and as soon as I went to sit down to eat breakfast I passed out,hit my head, and had lost concsciousness for at least 3 seconds.Ever since that incident I have gotten dizzy spells along with  more intense heart palpatations,several times when they occur my hands will gets very icy ,then sweaty and clamy. I need answers please!
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     I have a few general ideas about what this might be (such as dehydration, or lack of a good diet), but it still sounds pretty urgent.
     I've never experienced anything like this myself, just a rugby-related hip injury, but I hope someone on this forum has some familiarity with these symptoms so that you can get some help and some specific answers.  I hope you find the problem soon!  Don't give up!

Best of luck to you,
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It does sound to me that you may be having high anxiety and panic attacks.
Or, this is another thought:
Our daughter had an eating disorder and also had some  symptoms similar to what you descibe.
She was not eating or drinking enough, and was excercising a LOT.
She had counseling, which insurance paid for, and made a pretty good recovery.
I hope you have supportive adults you can talk with about your problems,
It can be difficult for a young lady growing up in the world today
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One other idea could be low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)
You can google this to find out more.
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The fainting spells also may be caused by a vasovagal reaction. I have sinus tachycardia, meaning my heart rate is generally too high and i have to take beta blockers to keep it down. At the same time i got diagnosed with that, i also got diagnosed with having vasovagal episodes. I had blacked out 8 or 9 times over a few years. Before i black out i will get dizzy, very sweaty, and colors may start to look strange. The black out is caused by a drop in blood pressure, which causes the blood being pumped out of you heart to not reach your brain. The black out is because your brain is momentarily deprived of oxygen...you wake up right after you fall because your blood is able to rush to your head and get oxygen to your brain again. Generally for me it happens if i have to stand for a long time, but there are many different triggers.

I don't know that this is what has caused your black out but you may want to ask a doctor about it.
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