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Heart Palpatstions

"I have been having palpaputations for over 2 months. The past 2 days I have had 8-9 within an 8 hour period with bad chest pain. My sis has A Fib. She was just diagnosed with this. With mine I get very hot clamy and sweaty. I am worried"
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I have had Supraventricular Tachycardia for many years.  At first it was scary but once I was diagnosed and did some reading about it, it became just an annoyance.  I am on 25 mg Atenelol 2x a day.  The last couple years, I have experienced episodes that are very different...palpitations that can last from 1 min to an hour.  Lately they have been happening every day.  My doctor had me wear a Holter Monitor (which I have done many times over the years) but this time my doctor said I have something that is very rare Bigeminy and Trigeminy.  Because I have had SVT for so many years, I am not easily scared by heart arrhythmia's so I would be the kind that would ignore it and just deal with it.  However, as I have been reading about it, I realize it is something that must be checked out because there can be underlying causes.  I will be going to my cardiologist for tests in a couple of weeks.  Arrhythmia here and there for a few seconds or a flutter now and then is no big deal but if it goes on and on and is frequently happening...get it checked!
Thank you. I am also in menopause so this  could be part of it also. I made an appt  with my  dr
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What do you mean 8-9 within an 8 hour period?  8-9 episodes of fast heart rate or 8-9 skipped beats?  Just because your sister has afib doesn't necessarily mean you will get it.  It isn't a hereditary thing.  There are other factors more lifestyle related that can go into its cause though I am not totally sure doctors know exactly why someone gets it but it isn't necessarily hereditary but if you are having severe chest pains you really should be checked out by a doctor asap.  Make an appointment and get your heart checked.  Take care and feel better soon.
Thank you. I am also in menopause so this  could be part of it also. I made an appt  with my  dr. It was my heart pounding very fast 8-9 times through out 8-9 hours.
It could be that your palpitations are triggering a hot flash but I would not expect it to cause chest pain so good you made an appointment with your doctor. If this doesn't happen everyday ask for a 30 day event monitor to catch it.  Generally they start out with a 24 hour holter but those are only useful if you have daily symptoms.  Take care.   Keep us posted on what they say.  
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