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Heart Palpitation help!

Hi everyone! I just had a few questions about heart palpitations because they have recently completely been taking over my life and I don't know what to do about it. I'm only 23 years old and I began getting heart palpitations maybe 6-9 months ago. It feels as though there is a flutter or my heart skips a beat. It comes at random and sometimes I only receive one palpitation and sometimes I receive multiple. I saw a cardiologist months ago and he didn't take me very seriously because I am young, have no risk for heart disease and am very healthy. I exercise daily, I lift weights and I have even done the INSANITY workout program. In the beginning, I used to experience other symptoms with the heart palpitations such as dizziness, tingling in my arms and fingers, a tightness in my chest and shortness of breath along with the palpitations. When I told my cardiologist this, he simply stated that it was anxiety and said I needed a psychologist. My EKG and Echocardiogram came back normal. However, I find it so hard to believe that this is actually anxiety. Sometimes, I will be completely calm and having a fine day and my heart just skips and flutters for no reason. Ironically, I think the palpitations are causing me to have anxiety. If anyone has any suggestions or experiences anything similar to this, please let me know as it would be very comforting!

Thanks :)
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With a clean echo and ekg it is likely you are just feeling run of the mill ectopic beats.  So long as you are not passing out or they are not sustaining for a long period of time in a run then you likely have nothing to be concerned about.  They are pretty common in people who are athletic and work out heavily like you do.  Though they can happen in to anyone.  But since you work out so heavily try to make sure you do a proper warm up and cool down.  Maybe ease back a little how intense the workout is and see if that helps.  But do make sure you drink plenty of water.  Unfortunately beyond beta blockers, unless someone is having upwards of 20,000 a day the doctors don't do much to correct the situation so we have to try and manage what our triggers are.  Avoid caffeine, sugary and foods high in carbohydrates and watch stress and anxiety.  Other than that try your best to ignore them and they will lose their hold on you.  But in general,in an otherwise healthy heart, which yours has been evaluated to be, they are of no concern.  Take care.
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I get the flutters in the chest too.  I, too work out daily and am very healthy.  The flutters scare me especially when I am in class.  I feel completely helpless.  I work part time and go to college full time so needless to say I have a lot of stress.  I wouldn't worry about the flutters too much especially if your heart is structurally ok.
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ok I am going through the same situation right now.  I have palpitations when i lay down every night and now i am getting them while standing up.  It is scary.  I also get randomly light headed.  I went to a cardiologist where I did a stress test, echo, and a 24 monitor.  Of course when wearing the monitor i had no epiosdes.  People tell me its anxiety and i don't believe it.  My heart rate jumps up to about 130 from just walking around in the house.  BTW i am 30
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I know the feeling.  I had a monitor for a couple days and of course none of my episodes happened.  Always the case.  I can relate to you as my heart takes off at times and it feels as though someone is reaching inside my chest and shaking my heart.  My heart races too without any real activity and it palpitates in my neck and chest.  I heard that minimizing your intake of carbs can alleviate the flutters/palpitations.  I am doing that and it seems to be helping.  Also, taking magnesium helps as well and obviously minimizing caffeine.  
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I get heart PVCs too! It feels like a stop a pause then a real hard beat! Sometimes it is scary like your heart will not start again. The recovery beat after the skip sometimes hurts like it hits my ribs with force. I can hear these hard thuds in a quiet room. and can see them too! I though have always had a strong visible heart. My heart has always been strong and powerful and visible! I am an athletic man'6' tall 210 lbs. I workout do martial arts, am healthy as can be. But my heart beats like a hammer in my chest. I have visible pulsations on my chest and it shakes my whole body. After exercise, you would be able to hear and see it thumping standing next to me. My Dr. says I am healthy as a Tiger and it's just from being athletic. It makes a large muscular heart.
Is your heart visible when it does this? Or can you see all of your heartbeats?
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