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Heart Palpitations and Chills

My son is 18 and started having heart palpitations and chills tonight.  He also has a headache.  He can't relax because this is bothering him so much. He does have a doctors appt tomorrow at 11:15am.  Any suggestions to calm the palpitations?
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I just now read your post, do you have anything to share now that your son has been checked by a doctor?

I do not associate "chills" with any heart rhythm problems - but others may.

In general trying to relax is the best approach to calming palpitations.. I understand there are some physical exercises that may help but I don't recall the details

At 18, it is unlikely that the palps are dangerous, I believe.
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"Chills" usually occur when a person's temperature is rising in response to an infection of some type, like a cold or the flu.  And when the temp rises, you can get palpitations.  Headache also goes along with this.

So, is your son getting a fever because he is coming down with something?  If so, there's probably nothing to worry about (but do not give a kid of any age aspirin to bring a fever down).  

If he is not catching something, take him to the doc to get checked out.
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I get chills but mine comes from the anxiety that I am having because of the paps
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Thank you so much for your responses. He did go next day and after certain tests early determination shows tachycardia  and suggest further testing with internist and cardiologist. Gave him medicine called metoprolol tartrate 25mg. Had some in IV at hospital and given a prescription. Will update in few days. Thank you again
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My son will also talk to his doctor about anxiety. Thanks heart flutter :)
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Hi all. My son is doing much better. Dr said yesterday he is actually going through a withdrawal because in beginning of January, is when he cut out all of the energy drinks and supplements. So this is a reaction to caffeine withdrawal. Dr also gave him .25mg of Xanax for anxiety causing palpitations causing anxiety. Glad he will be well over time. Thank you for all responses!!!
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