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Heart Palpitations!! is it just anxiety or something serious?

(Some of the information might be "tmi" but I just need help. I also apologize if the information is all over the place) Okay so I am a 17 year old and I've been having heart palpitations recently. I went to the hospital a week or two ago due to experiencing chest pains and they diagnosed me with a GAD (generalized anxiety disorder(I also deal with severe depression)). I then went to the doctors a few days later after my hospital trip and my doctor prescribed me medication (though I have not started taking it because I'm terrified of the side effects). I started my period a day before I went to the doctors and my periods have always been irregular and I could go 6 months or longer without getting it. Ever since I started it, my body has felt kind of worn out. I've been experiencing nausea, headaches / migraines, and I've also been a lot more tired. Also ever since I started it, it seems as if my anxiety has been through the roof. A few nights ago, I started having heart palpitations. When I start having them, I can feel my heart beating in my throat and it feels as if I'm going to just fall over and die and it also feels as if I'm going to throw up my heart. They start happening when I focus on my heartbeat too much, when I sometimes lay down, or just randomly out of the blue for no reason. My head also sometimes feels like it's too heavy for the rest of my body. Also my appetite has changed. I've been eating a lot less and I haven't been feeling hungry. I have been feeling kind of "gassy" lately as well and I have experienced chest burns but I think it might be acid reflux? Is this normal?? Should I be worried and call my doctor??

I've also been experiencing weird pains throughout my arms and the upper right side of my back and chest. My mother thinks it's because I spent too much time on the computer. I somewhat agree with her though because I am homeschooled and my whole life is on the internet due to me not having that great of a social life. Usually when the pains occur, it's because my arm is bent. The pain starts from my right elbow, and then the finger tip of my right ring finger. Also, on my left hand, my ring and pinky finger go numb and so does that section of my hand. Usually the numbness / tingling / pain goes away when I stretch out my arms and wiggle my fingers in a way. Though sometimes, the pain randomly comes on its own and then goes away in a few seconds. Could this tie into the heart palpitations?

Also other parts of my body tend to hurt such as like my jaw, neck / throat, and my legs?? The pain usually starts when I think of symptoms of other things such as heart attacks, cancer, and etc.. (I have health anxiety as well)

I guess I should also add that nothing really runs in my family. My grandmother did have congestive heart failure. My cousin also had a few problems wrong with him such as asthma, and had water on his lungs (he passed away during the procedure due to an accident occurring). My older sister, aunt, and another cousin of mine also deal with anxiety. I haven't really been an unhealthy person, though I do have trouble with my weight. Everything that I have listed have only started occurring during this month of January.
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Unsure about the palpitations, could be hormonal as you should be having regular period so seems your hormones may be out of whack. The tingling/arm thing is trapped nerve in elbow. Try not to lean on elbows and keep them straight whenver you can )
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Sorry you haven't gotten any replies, but your story is way beyond and attempt to answer relative to heart rhythm problems.  No doubt, heart rhythm is affected by our emotional state.

You mention all you time on the computer, no social life.  Isn't there someway for "home schooling" to involve interactions with people your age?  How about a church (not selling religion here, just an example).  

I think you may find more face-to-face interactions with people your age will solve many of your physical symptoms.

Keep in mind my advice comes from being a father and a grandfather and whatever live experiences I have acquired over many decades of living.  Please take in that context, I am not a medial doctor or counselor.
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Also I forgot to include that while at the hospital, they preformed an EKG and said that my heart and lungs both look good....but you never know would could happen to your body at any given moment.
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hi sorry you are going through this, I too have heart palpatations and not sure what is causing them have had several test on my heart. I'm thinking mine might be stress and anxiety as well. have you gotten any answser?
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