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Heart Palpitations

Can anyone tell me where they feel their heart palpitations? I keep getting a weird pulsing like palpitation at the top of my stomach in the center of the bottom of my ribs.(where the diaphragm is) I dont feel it in my chest or feel a racing heart beat. I only feel it in that one spot. Could this be heart palpitations or maybe spasms or something. Any thoughts?
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Heart palpitations can mean premature contractions in the atria or ventricles.  It can also mean tachycardia or bradycardia.   Or it could be VT, SVT, PSVT, couplets, salvos, triples, runs....

"Palpitation" means a general awareness of your heart beat.  The cause can be many different things all of which have different feelings.  A single type of palpitation called a PVC can have many different feelings in the same person depending on when it's timed.   Build on that further and the spectrum of heart palpitations can have 1,000s of different feelings.

It needs to be recorded on an EKG or holter/event monitor and read by a cardiologist for anyone to give you a proper diagnoses as to what you are feeling.
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I understand there are different kinds of palpitations and different feelings but is there certain places they are felt. I want to put my mind at ease if what I am feeling are palpitations. I was on an event monitor but not sure if anything was recorded. What I feel is where my diaphragm is I do have a hiatal hernia so I didnt know if that could cause what I feel also. Please let me know if anyone else feels this.
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I am so glad you posted this comment because I get the same feeling.  I was told that it might be that my food tube is not closing correctly.  I was getting a lot of them but read that if you take probiotics that helps produce vit K which helps with that lazy tube.  So I have not been getting as many.  Today though I did have one of those bloops I call them under my ribcage.  I am glad I am not the only one.  

The doctors I tell all want to say it is stomach related.

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I get those exact feelings, I will notice bubble-like feelings along with the palps, it is in the middle of my chest near the diaphragm, right above the navel. I have a hiatal hernia, and sometimes, when I eat a lot or drink a lot of water, this problem acts up. I hate it.
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do you get these feelings more often when sitting or lying down? It seems to always happen after eating and when sitting or laying down? Good to know I am not the only one :)
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I get them more when lying down or slouching in a chair, especially after eating or drinking water. Sometimes, I am almost afraid to sit or go to bed as I am afraid they will act up. Dog-gone hiatal hernia, they are awful.
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