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Heart Palpitations

Hello!  I am 21 and have recently been experiencing episodes of tachycardia.  Today was only the second time it has occured but its beginning to worry me.  The first experience was during a game of follow the leader.  I was doing some big jumps, only a few at a time so nothing that constitutes as cardio, and suddenly my heart began to race and  my hearing was dampened.  Felt a bit like a fight or  flight response.  I took a few deep breaths and in about 30 seconds i was alright.  Two days later during a light workout i experienced the same 'fight or flight' feeling, my heart was beating so hard and fast it made my throat hurt and i had dampened hearing again. had to sit down and breathe and then went on about my business.  I am in shape, eat reasonably healthy foods, teach at a fitness center, and this is the first time i have had any signs of a heart problem.  The first experience i thought maybe i didn't have enough to eat and low blood sugar but the second encounter makes me think i should get it checked out.  Any thoughts?
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I would suggest making a diary to keep track of your symptoms.  Write down how often you get them, any triggers that might cause them, how long they are, and how fast your heart is beating.  A sporting goods store has exercise watches that will read your pulse.  It is possible and probably likely you may have a simple svt.  They are not life threatening but they can get more frequent over time.  The important thing now is to get diagnosed.  So get your notes together and go see your GP who may likely send you to see a cardiologist for a full check up of your heart.  Best of luck and try not to worry too much.  Most tachycardias are not life threatening even in the long term.  
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