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Heart Rate and coming off of beta-blocker (metoprolol)

I recently came completely off of the drug after weaning slowly down (started at 50mg, 2x per day, then went to 25mg, 2X per day for two weeks, then down to 25mg, 1X per day for a week). I've been off for three full days now, and have had quite a ride. The first full day I was off, my heart rate went up to over a hundred, and stayed there for most of the day, tapering down in the evening to a cool 80bpm. On the second full day, I had no problems at all, heart rate stayed in the 70-80 range all day. Now, on the third day, my heart rate has gone back up. It's been around 110bpm most of the day again, and now, in the evening, is starting to taper down...right now it's about 94bpm. I had a short instance of lightheadedness today while sitting down, but it lasted all of 20 seconds...so not sure if I can attribute that to this whole ordeal. It's getting fairly uncomfortable.
Here's the main question...I've called my cardiologist, and they want to schedule a halter monitor, which I'm fine with...but I can't get in to see him until four days from now. Is it ok to wait this long? At what point do I cave and go to a hospital?
I can find a lot about side-effects while taking metoprolol, but not a lot about what happens after properly weaning off the medication. Thanks!
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Been there, done that once and ended up back on atenolol after just over a week off it.  Was in the ER on the 8th day with what looked like heart block but was diagnosed as benign arrhytmia, which went on for 3 days until I finally went back on the atenolol.  Saw a cardio a few days later and he agreed with the ER diag.  Had a follow up visit with my own cardio a few weeks later and had a normal ECG tracing in his office.  I told him I was still having arrhytmias, even with the meds.  He put a holter monitor on me and found some arrhytmias, but also a short episode of very low heart rate, 33 BPM., then started talking about a pacemaker, which I was not expecting.  I've had 2 complete cardio tests in the last 2 1/2 years and they only showed some arrhytmias.  Over the last week, I cut my dosage in half, from 50 to 25 mg daily.  My resting heart rate went from 55-60 BPM to 68-72 BPM.  Blood pressure went up slightly and I feel better.  I spoke with my cardio again and told him what I was doing. He said I could just discontinue the med completely if I wanted to, but was still recommending a pacemaker, even though my heart appears to be structurally sound.  I may or may not stop completely, still deciding.  Bottom line is, if I had it to do over, I  would have avoided beta blockers for sure.  Also, scheduled a set of tests with a different cardio after I am off the atenolol as a second opinion.        
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