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Heart Rhythm Problems

I recently had an appointment with a cardiologist because of my heart feeling like it is skipping a beat.  He had me wear a holter monitor for two weeks!  I took it off as of yesterday and waiting to hear the results.  Dr. thinks it might be mitral valve prolapse or stress.  I am scared to death that it may be more!  Anyone have similar symptoms.  Thanks for any info. anyone can give me to get through this.
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Thanks for your respose.  I, too, gave up caffeine about a month ago, along with chocolate.  I have noticed the fluttering feeling and skipped beats to be less.  I'm glad to talk to someone who is experiencing the same problem.  As I feel I am the only one who has these symptoms.  As I said, I'm still waiting to hear back from the doctor on the results of the monitor.  Good luck on your 2-week monitor, as I know it is a pain to wear 24 hours a day.  I especially felt it uncomfortable at work, but managed to get though it.  Keep me posted on your results.  
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I am also dealing with this at the moment. I had a 24 hour monitor over the summer that came back normal but I didn't really have any symptoms while I was wearing the monitor so I am now wearing a 2 week monitor. I have the skipped beats and fluttery feeling as well so I sympathize with you- it's a terrifying thing no matter how "normal" doctors say it is. when the skipped beats started I completely gave up all forms of caffeine and that did decrease them significantly. I do notice if i eat a lot of sugar, especially chocolate i will get them more frequently. If you haven't given up caffeine yet, I would say do that immediately. I hope your tests come back fine and good luck.
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Or it may be simple PVC's or PAC's: premature beats. The signal in the heart comes a fraction of a second early and then there's a pause for the rhythm to straighten out again (very simple description but it involves repolarization and such). The pause often feels like a skipped beat.

Why did your doctor think you might have MVP? Did you have an echo done of the heart? Did he mention a heart murmur?

I hope you get an appt. soon and some good answers. Don't be afraid to ask questions when you're in there. Sometimes they rattle off words and phrases that are unfamiliar. It's easier to ask then and there rather than try to remember them and look them up later.
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