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I am seeking medical help and my doctor seems to be doing the right things but a bit of direction on my condition always helps. I get heart pounding sometimes with it being noticeable in my ears when lying on my side- lying on my side is more comfortable. I do have dull  near suface ache right in the middle of my rib cage (I probably got physical damage there once when I was a child) which is more noticeable when eating. I get gas quite a lot and it is difficult to remove the adominal pressure. I also get clicking sensations. So I was thinking some sort of Epiglottis or somewhere around there sort of disorder but  my symptoms don't really fit with the symptoms I have read on online so am I on the  right track?   I saw   Costochondritis as something close to one of my symptoms but can it be started by sudden blow aggraviated by doing Body Pump (a few times a week with often maximum weights) for a couple of years but that was more than 6 years ago.
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From what you say it seem possible to me that the digestive/gas problems may be the root cause of your heart symptoms.  It may be best to try to get the digestive problems under control first to see if that helps/cures the heart problems.  

It is good that your are under the care of a doctor.
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Epiglottitis  is a generally a medical emergency and always associated with respiratory distress (usually a sore throat, as well).  If you had it, you would know it (and you'd probably be dead by now):


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