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Heart Rythm Problem

I have three types of problems:


1. My first palpitation started in the year of 2000 then occurred once/twice in a year
2. Palpitations occurring at night

         a. After going to bed and continues till midnight/morning
         b. When I wake up in the morning continues till noon
         c. In the Mid night continues till early morning

3. Exercise suppresses the frequency of palpitation
4. Last ECG recorded during episode shown long QTc interval more than 600ms and I went to                the cardiologist and it disappeared after carotid (under lower jaw) massage and sinus rhythm came back recorded by ECG and no more long QT.
5. He gave me verapamil 120mg (half) to take in the morning for one month.


6. In 22nd March, 2007 I was feeling chest pain with sweating since noon and was going to the hospital in the evening with a friend and on my way I suddenly felt lightheaded as if I was passing out and felt my heart beating slowly but in a manner so that I could feel the beats. My hands and legs turned to cold. I was admitted in Emergency. ECG was normal. Next day Troponin I was 0.1 (zero point one). 64 slice CT angio was normal. VMA test was normal. Abdominal CT scan was normal. Dr. designated it as Acute Coronary Syndrome.
7. The same episode came back twice in next two weeks and then the doctor designated it as panic attack (my avg. BP at the time of episodes were 160-5/100 pulse 113/min). This is different from the palpitation I experience.
8. Since then I am also feeling a little chest pain in my left side (not in the middle of a chest).
9. One day I became emotional for some reasons and cried a lot. A little later I felt numb in my jaws and shoulder. And another episode of palpitation started. My heart was beating too fast and the pulse stroke was becoming feeble to feebler then stopped and again continued to beat.  This was happening in a circular manner. During this episode my doctor suggested me to take Clonazepham 0.5mg and for some reason it helps to subsidize the condition.
10. Doctor also prescribed be beta-blocker but due to cold extremities he advised me to stop.


10. When my blood pressure goes up it felt like as if my heart can’t cope up and at one point my hands and legs become cold (I measured that BP 160/100 most of the time).
11. Sometimes I feel fatigued

I take medication for controlling high blood pressure (Irbesartan 75, I took Indephamide SR for several months with the advice of one cardiologist and later I stopped by the advice of another cardiologist) Anger and other emotional activities trigger slight dizziness and uneasy feeling. My personality type is A. Haven’t ever experienced syncope or unconsciousness episodes. Mg, Na, K, Ca and HCO3 electrolytes are quite normal. Even the thyroid test is quite normal. Please suggest me what am I supposed to do now.
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You stated: "The same episode came back twice in next two weeks and then the doctor designated it as panic attack" and "During this episode my doctor suggested me to take Clonazepham 0.5mg and for some reason it helps to subsidize the condition."

As a long time sufferer of panic and anxiety disorder, I think I would start there as long as your long QT episode has been thoroughly investigated. Palpitations are one of the top complaints among panic sufferers. I might also consider having a sleep study and holter monitor done because your symptoms seem to mainly occur at night.
In the past, panic has induced cardiac symptoms that had me running to the ER a few times a month. I still have what I call "Night Dreads". As soon as the sun goes down, my anxiety levels start going up and I get a very uneasy feeling.
Even though I do have arryhthmia issues, my unchecked panic will only exberate them to unbearable levels. If the Clonazephem works, I would try taking it at the beginning of your symptoms and see if it helps for the next few weeks and then speak with your physician about it. Panic disorder is thought to be caused by neurological and organic conditions.

Hang in there and good fortune!
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Most of the heart patients regardless of its severity or nature suffer from "Angor Animi" i.e. fear of death or feeling that they are dying. This is another kind of disease which in turn triggers depression. I have also been suffering from these two things since I was first admitted in ICU in March 22, 2007. The severity of depression increases as time passes. I think depression along with Angor Animi provoke panic attacks. After 22nd I used to fear driving and riding a car and while riding it seemed to me that horrible episode has begun to start. Although panic attacks or anxiety haven't ruled out my heart problems which I recorded in my last ECG and at times I feel very dizzy and uneasy as if my heart is not able to pump sufficient blood demanded by my body and brain. A recent study has also shown that the reactivity of heart with emotional changes deteriorate with depression. So this is my gut feeling that neurological events are also involved in my case that I found in a journal on arrhythmia by American Heart Foundation. Not only fear of death the productivity of ppl suffering from heart disease also decreases by at least 4 times than the co-workers (source CNN). Same thing happened to my case also which has almost ruined my IT career.

I have been suffering from insomnia and can't sleep well at night which is also another indication of anxiety, stress and hyperactivity (as I am a person of type A personality). Before 22nd I can remember that I couldn't sleep well for about one month plus that time I resigned without pipelining a new job so I was anxious thinking about how shall I run my family of 3 members including my wife and 5-Year old son. My wife was also pregnant for about 8 months. At that time I can remember I could hear my heart beating and pounding while struggling for sleep or was in half-awakened sleep. My moderately high blood pressure (for last 5 years) also added value to it and contributed to heart disorder.

I also used to suffer from psychiatric illness of going far from my house thinking about the episode of 22nd and where shall I find an ER because my hospital is only 2 KM far.

Now on the verge of one year completion I have decided not to let things go like this. I have started to take a walk (30-35 min) daily, keeping myself always busy with something, almost forgotten about what I have, making fun out of everything, though I haven't returned to proper sleep yet I’m taking alprazolam 0.5mg daily which obviously has increased my mental and physical tone. The best thing I have ever done is, I have become a pious man, saying my prayers five times a day (conditioning my mind and body five times) studying more religious books which is giving me much relief  by assuring me about the life hereafter. So most fearful thing that is death has become more ignorant matter to me now-a-days. Come what may? I will stick to religion and continue like this and longing for the life hereafter which is more gracious and luxurious. So whether I get treatment or not I have at least striving to re-modeling my life to cope up with the situation which is sometimes beyond our control.

May peace be on you.
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My EP gave me a single lead ECG machine to take home with me. It was the size of a small tv remote. Anytime I felt an episode I held it against my chest and pushed the record button and it took a ECG reading. I then called the computer at the hospital entered my code and pushed the send button. After a week or two they had very good records of exactly what I was experiencing so it made diagnosis simple. If they are having trouble figuring out what you are experiencing this might be a good option. lorne675
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