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Heart Transplant - VT and Heart Failure

My docs are doing a workup for a hear transplant. I have had a successful ablation for mt VT recently and so far have been doing well. We are exploring this as an option for the near future. Has anyone out there recently had a transplant? I'd like to know how you are doing, any concerns you may have and any advice???
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My father had a heart transplant back in 1988.  He was 42.  He had a massive heart attack on the LAD (widow maker) and needed a heart transplant right away.  He was on a waiting list for 5 months.  He had it done at temple university hospital in Philly.

He'll be 70 on April 1.  It was like nothing ever happened.  Back to full time work in 6 months and hasn't missed a day since.  He's still working full time.

He didn't have any other health issues which was in his favor.
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Thank you for that response, I really appreciate it.
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