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Heart ablation second time around

Hi, I have had ablation done once and now my DR would like to do it again. I am still passing out and I am on alot of meds right now.The meds  keeps my heart down in the 60tys and it still dose the fultter thing . Its realy doing it alot now days. I am up to 75mgs of mtoprolol twice aday now. My Dr would like to see me on 100 twice aday.I cant breath on that much, It makes my chest fill very heavy when on that much too! I have a bad leg due to the ablation now. I  had to have a hemorroid stapling done because of bleeding and I had to have a 3in tubovillouse adenoma removed from my colon in june also.I have been to surgery 3 times in the past 4months.I go back to see about the colon place on Nov. 7th again, to make sure its not growing back.I had the stapling done on 8/4/08 . I have been through so much,I keep thinking I need to wait till I see about the colon before I have the ablation done again. I would like to hear from some one who has had the ablation done the second time around too before I have it done to make sure its worth it the second time around.I had it done on 4/22/05 the first time. I do breath better and I can walk futher
now with out getting out of breath. I would say it was worth the first time but will it do the job the second time around?
So if any out there has had it done the second time please let me know if it was worth doing the second time!

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Second time around was the charm for me.  My ablations were for multifocal PVCs (RVOT and LVOT)

Hope you're feeling better.
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I have had three ablations since June for sustained Ventricular Tachycardia and they still haven't got it yet.  I had been on Metroprolol as high as 100mg twice a day but I can't tolerate that high a dose and it didn't work anyway since I was going into VT on a regular basis anyway.  I'm now on Metroprolol 50mg 2x (which still *****) and Flecainide 50mg 2x... it's been a couple of weeks and I'm VT free, but I have no illusions it will last.  I can feel the PVC's coming on and that's usually a precursor to VT for me.  My first one was 6/18/08, my second one was 7/30/08 and my third one was 9/18/08 so if you had one in April you'll be fine for another one now.  I'm probably going to try at least one more ablation, probably cryo this time, and if they don't get it then they're gonna have to crack me open and see if they can't get it form the outside (EP thinks it may be originating on the outside of the heart).  I'm going to one of the best guys in the country so sometimes if it doesn't work it just doesn't work, but I'd definitely go for the second on.

Oh yeah, I'm scheduled for acupuncture in two week.  I figure it can't hurt to try that.
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