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Heart beat seems real slow when i wake up from a Nap

So for some time now, when ever i nap during my lunch break, usually only 20-40 minutes, and i wake up from my alarm, it seems like my heart rate is really slow and my body is weak. Arms and legs both.  It only happens when im napping in the laid back position, not laying down.  When i sleep normally in my bed or at home and wake up on my own, i dont get that feeling.  After about a minute or less, my body kicks into over drive and i feel fine with a little weakness but my heart rate kicks into the 80's+  

I have been taking verapamil for PVC's, but last month my dose was lowered by have (down to 120mg) because of the possible side effects to my digestive system.  I have had this happen before during the same type of sleep (in my car) over the years and i have always had normal EKG's when i have been to my yearly visits.

Could it do with me being in deep sleep for a short period of time and suddenly waking from it?  Its almost as if im startled awake by my alarm
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If it concerns you then you can ask for a Holter monitor which will measure the heart rate and your EP can determine if this is a problem.  Since this happens on a regular basis it should be easy to catch
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Around 60 sounds ok.
If could also be that your blood pressure is a bit low.

Perhaps it is an effect from the change in verapamil dose, although I would expect a higher HR and higher BP from the lowering of the dose.

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ya thats what i think too.  i dont take my heart rate, but it just feels slow.  i would guess around 50 at its lowest.
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It does not sound very disturbing to me. What do you call real slow?
Is it below 40?

I can imagine that when you wake up in your bed, you allow yourself a little bit more time before getting into action-mode, so your heart has a little more time to switch from sleep rhythm to awake rhythm.
Awaking from a lunch nap is more abrupt perhaps?
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I would say in the 60's or lower.  it just seems like there is a good second between beats.  From what i understand if i am pre-rem sleep, our bodies shut down, blood pressure lowers, heart rate lowers and brain activies lower, once we enter deep sleep, our heart rates regulate.  Sometimes when i wake up from a deep sleep, my heart rate is in the upper 90's.  but its opposite when im waking from a short nap.
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