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Heart beats slightly irregular

Hi everyone, sorry This is going to be a long post because I want to explain it as thoroughly as possible
I am 31 year old male normal BMI.
I have noticed that my heart especially when it is below 100 Bpm has a slightly variable heart rate between (60-100 Bpm). What I mean is when I check my pulse it feels like a beat is slightly earlier or slightly later than the previous beat. I can best describe it like this. so in brackets I will put the time I feel happens between the beats to better explain.
Beat(1sec)Beat(1sec)Beat(1sec) Beat(0.8sec) Beat(0.8sec) Beat(0.8) Beat(1sec) Beat(.8sec) Beat(1sec) Beat(0.8sec) Beat (1sec) Beat(0.8sec) Beat(0.8sec) etc

So basically I feel like my heart beats a few beats little faster and then a few beats a little slower sometimes alternating between fast and slow beats. The speed of the fast beats certainly do not feel like more than 100bpm and speed of slow beats certainly do not feel lower than 60bpm. Also, when the fast beats happen they dont feel anything like clumped together like 3 beats in a row like you get when you get a triplet ectopic.
So when this happens and I count my heart rate it is usually between 60-90 bpm which depends on whether i am sitting or standing and whether ihave eaten food or empty stomach.
In terms of R-R interval I feel that my R-R varies by 0.1 second or 0.2 second between beats only when total heart rate is between 50 and 90 bpm. My resting heart rate on empty stomach is usually 55-65 bpm.
Another thing I noticed when I hold my breath and count 10-20 beats the fluctuation in heart beats stops. The beats are most of the time perfectly synced like Beat(1sec) Beat(1sec) Beat(1sec)... Also when my heart speeds up like 120 Bpm or so the rhythm gets perfectly synced.
Also I dont get any symptoms or any palpitation kind of feeling when this is happening. I have noticed this variable rhythm happens mostly when I am very stressed. When I am perfectly relaxed the heart beats in sync.
I know what ectopic beats and bigeminy feel like since I had them before. This doesnt feel like that drastic of an irregularity. Also there are no pauses felt.
I also know about Sinus Arythmia as i have it too but my sinus arrythmia happens sometimes and sometimes doesnt happen that much. and what is weird is sometimes i feel like my heart is beating slightly faster when breathing out and slightly slower when breathing in. I dont know if that is caused by anxiety or panic.
I do want to say that I have a lot of anxiety and suffer from a lot of panic attacks about my heart and I am taking Sertraline for this.
About my Vitals. They are all normal. Normal BP Last checked 6 months back in Doctors office. No diabetes. I had these heart tests done. No stress test since Cardiologist didnt want me to get one.
Ecg 6 months back all normal
multiple Echos done in past due to anxiety.. last  Echo 6 years back and also all normal
wore a 1 week heart monitor 10 months back all normal and had 0 Afib... 0 Triplets... Rare couplets and rare Pvc and Rare Pac.

This is causing me a lot of anxiety and panic attacks that I cant sleep well or do anything productive in life.
So my question is, sometimes when i check my pulse and notice that a few beats are either slower or faster than the previous ones, is this normal? or should i go to my cardiologist? I dont want to go to a Doctor because I didnt get my covid vaccine and I am scared that i may catch covid in the hospital. I think i have some gene that causes severe covid as a month back my aunt died after a month in hospital due to Covid and she was just 50 and had no co morbidities.

I am very thankful to anyone who will answer this. Thank you and God bless you.  

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I believe this is called sinus arrhythmia and it is normal in young, healthy people. If you are really worried you could try to set up a telehealth appointment with a cardiologist.
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