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Heart beats too fast when standing, normal when sitting down

So recently (since about 6 weeks ago). I've been experiencing so extremely strange things with my heart. It started with me going to mcdonalds and drinking about 1.5 sweet teas and eating. I then came back and about and hour or so later i drank a Monster Absolutely zero energy drink. After that i started to feel quite odd, like my heart was going to fast. So i went and drank and lot of water to flush out the caffiene but it didn't help. I would wake up in the morning, walk down the hall and i felt as if my heart rate was going to fast, when i checked it, it was up to around 145 to 155 bpm. After i went home, my father took me to a cardiologist who took some EKG and he said it looked very odd so he admitted me to the hospital while suspecting heart failure. I got an echo in the hospital and i had no leaky valves, my heart was "strong" except that the right side looked a little small which they said was probably from dehydration. They released me but didnt do anything. I've been resting for about 4 weeks now, i walk 2 to 3 miles everyday, i drink a lot of water and try to consume more sodium. However my heart still races more than it should. When i sit down my heart rate drops to around 70, which is very normal, however when i stand up my heart will race from 120 to sometimes 140ish. I take a baby aspiring which seems to help a little bit but it still is much to fast for someone of my age. I'm only 19 and have had no problems before this. I go back to the doctor on june 10th for a checkup and i really want to get something done to help me, either more tests or some prescription to help. Any suggestions/ideas of what is causing this?
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Quit the caffeine.  If you were hitting caffeine hard for a while it can take months to reverse the cellular changes.

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Well I wasn't "hitting caffeine hard" really. It was only a day of too much caffeine, other than that I basically had normal caffeine intake, I.e. a mountain dew or soda every now and then.
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Your case does not sound like a one time caffine issue.

Keep a diary of events you experience.  Right down everything and look for common threads.  The more you can give the DR. the better chance of working through the issue.

Good luck.
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Keeping a diary is a great way to show doctor's what we're going through...every time I show mine to dr's they laugh and say they don't have patients who do that, but it helps to see it in writing.  Date, Time, symptoms and what you were doing at the time can be very helpful - I started this practice after my holter test.

if your HR is 70 then standing up it goes up like that, it sounds like it's due to the ANS system (http://www.medhelp.org/health_pages/Neurological-Disorders/Autonomic-Dysfunction--Dysautonomia-Index-Page/show/857?cid=196) which could be simple or something that may stick around awhile
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