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Heart murmur after exercise

Hi Everyone, I am a new member of this amazing community.

I never had this before, It Happened few times in a month, I feel what it could an heart murmur; a turbulence around the heart area after each heartbeat, like whooshing noise, like if you were to flick one drum with a finger.
It also seems that when I have this I can hear less the "dub lub" sound of the heart when beating.

Happens after I exercise only, the first time that happened I was exerting quite a lot (running) as soon as I rest from the exercises, the murmur comes up.

It makes me feel out of breath and also a bit dizzy. Obviously the Gp listened to my heart and said it's fine, and they didn't catch the murmur when happened. Been to A&E and they also said they will not do a scan (echocardiogram) because the ECG turned fine..
I have managed to get a referral to the cardiologist but it will take months before the appointment

I am still having the symptoms and I'm worried, I was wondering if anyone had the same or could help

Thank you all, appreciate it.

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I'm neither a doctor nor reasonably able to tell you anything about your condition over the internet.. However:

A 24 hour Holter monitor and n exercise stress test would probably clear this up.

The most common cardiac issue experienced post exercise are the 'recovery/post-recovery PVC's'. They are normal and would be detectable by the above tests.
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