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Heart or Anxiety?

I have been suffering for weeks non stop now with some very concerning symptoms. I have been waking up with a very rapid heart beat, extreme light headedness and as soon as I sit up, nausea. I run to throw up, but nothing comes out. My heart rate elevates even higher and feels like it starts to skip beats and beat irregularly and quite weak. I feel EXTREME lightheaded all day. My limbs feel weak, long periods of time where it feels almost too easy to breathe and the air is thin. I see "stars" in my eyes. I am getting a burning sensation accasionally over my left chest and I feel as though my heart quivers when i sleep. The feeling wakes me up in the middle of the night and I cannot move in the morning because I am paralyzed with how weak I am and how rapid my heart is. I have been loosing weight and loosing hair. I get the spurts of intense shaking throughout my body. I have been to the hospital, I got 2 bags of saline to see if my blood volume would increase & slow my heart rate down, but it did not. I also got my bloods done and my TSH&checking for enzymes that cause heart attacks or organ failure or a blood clot, only thing they could not check was my iron levels and a few other tests that can are to be done by a GP. The doctor said all my bloods came back fine, no sign of inflammation or infection. My heart sounded healthy although he did say I have Tachycardia because my heart was resting at 139&my blood pressure was 118/51. When I stood it shot up to 159 BPM and BP of 140/68. The doc said I should see my gp because he said it is terrible anxiety. I have suffered from anxiety, but It has never felt like this before.  I finally got a cardiologist referral and he said my heart looked healthy, and that I am tachycardic and suffer from PVCs but i feel as though a lot of my sensations were missed with the heart monitor.. I am genuinely scared because This is a whole different kind of beast coming over me every day. I am scared I am going to die or not wake up one day. My life is ruined at the moment. Please help me, any advice would be amazing.
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Sorry to hear this! Have you tried going back to your GP and see if he would give you anti-anxiety meds? It might help. Good luck :)
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I don't believe it is anxiety though. I have suffered with anxiety my whole life and been on and off medication and it has never felt this awful. Even on medication my workouts were extremely limited due to the rapid heart beat and the palpitations. It seems that anytime they check for something the symptoms hide away. I am very scared I am going to go into cardiac arrest any day now because no one is listing to me or taking me seriously.
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You *are* being taken seriously.  The amount of testing you have undergone is clear evidence of that.

The problem is that you cannot accept what skilled, caring medical professionals are telling you.  

Bearing in mind that doctors have no reason to blow off patients who are genuinely ill (after all, a patient in treatment represents income), it would be a good idea to see your counselor to find out what your logical next step would be in dealing with your fears.
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I do believe I have anxiety, but i do not believe this is related, i cannot work out and my heart beats very fast, feels like it is fluttering and I am extremely dizzy constantly, my breathing is also quite weird - especially after sleeping or working out.
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You are describing classic symptoms of panic disorder.  I suggest you discuss this possibility with your counselor.
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sounds like panic/anxiety to me.   I hate calling generalized anxiety "anxiety" because some folks think this means the type of anxiety you can control or is the result of an outside stimulus.  It's not.

My body was triggering all physiological responses of a panic situation (adrenaline dump so fast heart, palps, dizzy, weird thoughts..all out of the blue), I wouldn't understand why, get scared, and there's this crazy feedback loop.

It gets fixed with cognitive behavior therapy, lifestyle modifications, and certain meds if you need them.
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