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Heart palpitations

I have an irregular heartbeat at night. sometimes it feels like my heart will jump out of my chest and it literally wakes me up. I will feel my heart rate increasing and then all of a sudden "jumps". this happend at least every second night and I cannot sleep.

Any advice
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Sounds like some sort of ectopic beats but you need to be checked out by a doctor to confirm this and then have your heart looked at to evaluate it's health.  If all comes back normal, which is usually does, than you have nothing to be concerned about.  But do go and get checked out by a doctor.  Take care.
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Hi Annette...
I believe I have the same thing..Pounding heart and an irregular beat...I've had skips and flutters for about 8 yrs but this is fairly new...I actually went to the ER last week because of it..Tests came back ok...I have panic attacks so this could have brought on the episode, or made it worse..How long does your episode last? I think indegestion has a big part in it too...I would love to trade stories to see if they are the same symptoms...You are not alone.
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I get heart PVCs too! It feels like a stop a pause then a real hard beat! Sometimes it is scary like your heart will not start again. The recovery beat after the skip sometimes hurts like it hits my ribs with force. I can hear these hard thuds in a quiet room. and can see them too! I though have always had a strong visible heart. My heart has always been strong and powerful and visible! I am an athletic man'6' tall 210 lbs. I workout do martial arts, am healthy as can be. But my heart beats like a hammer in my chest. I have visible pulsations on my chest and it shakes my whole body. After exercise, you would be able to hear and see it thumping standing next to me. My Dr. says I am healthy as a Tiger and it's just from being athletic. It makes a large muscular heart.
Is your heart visible when it does this?
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