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Heart palps??? PVCS?? Doctors blowing me off!

I get heart arrythmias daily some small some big. I have had 4-5 ECGs and and ultra sound of my heart and a holter monitor for a month and also 2 x-rays...everything came back nornal as well as all blood work. I started suffering from panic attacks b/c of my heart in the first place....I felt the need to pass out I never do but it feels like it. I breath slowly and I either lay back with my legs up or put my head between my legs and usually I am okay. But My hart arrythmias can last up to 5 min sometimes and then be gone for the day or maybe I will get 2-3 and then they will be gone, but I get them everyday is that normal? I still feel the need to get checked seeing how sometimes I feel the need to pass out (sometimes not everytime it happens I get a lil bit of tightness in the chest like hard to breath( but I can) I also get chest pains afterward but I think its me being in a panic thinking somthing else is wrong b/c other times If I feel it and blow it off I am totally fine.  I am pretty healthy and I did not get heart arrythmias before...I became pregnant and in my 5th month they came on pretty strong and I was checked then and they said it was bengin but it has not gone away since! Does anyone else get these? also is it safe to get pregnant again?? Please anyone with Information would be helpful my doctors keep blowing me off like its nothing.
Also I get rapid heart beats or skippd beats after say I go to the denist and get shots...I have asked to receive the one that doesn;t have the adrenaline in it due to my heart going out of wack after a procedure but even the other stuff make me have irregular beats....there very scarey to me and they fill like my heart is filling up with bubbles and there like fluttering around and they can be pretty big!! ANyways someone please help!
I have tricare so I can't see my regular heart doctor I have seen in the past!
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Also I forgot to mention sometimes when I get these as well and there lasting longer than usual I can cough and it will stop.
Thanks everyone for your help I hope I can get a lil info and support and maybe reassurance I am not dying!
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Hello fellow PVC\PAC\Arrhythmia suffer here.  I get PVC's\arrhythmia's ever hour of everyday.  Last holter I had 10000+ PVC in a 24 hour period with couplet PVC's.  In the presence of a normal ECHO and EKG extra premature heart beats are of no clinical significance.  The doctor is not exactly ignoring you, he\she has checked you out and determined that you are healthy and that your condition does not pose and significant risk.  Otherwise the doctor would run further tests and tell you what he\she is thinking about your case.  Sounds like you have had a ton of tests and a holter for a month?  Wow thats a long time.  If nothing major came up in a months time than you are fine.  I know the odd feelings in your chest are bothersome but try and ignore them.  They are harmless and you will be just fine.  I had a normal echo and thousands of PVC in a 24 hour period and the doctor said your fine and sent me on my way.  He didnt even offer me a beta blocker.  Before i left he showed me a EKG of his heart and it showed PVC's.  He said see I have them too, this made me feel a lot better.
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Thank you so much that helped :) it makes me feel a lil more at ease! :) How do you control yours and do you feel yours at all??
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Hi I feel mine all the time!  It really bothers me when I try to sleep.  I will be laying there and then feel a skip and a THUMP.  I have tried everything in the world to help them from vitamins, more rest, no caffeine, stress relief, exercise and nothing helped.  I realized that they are just how my heart and body works and have learned to ignore it for the most part.  When I get real anxious about them I take 1mg of Xanax =)
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Okay.....Thank you so much for your help!
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You may be sensitive to something in your food or have an allergy to something.  Perhaps keeping track of what you eat and your symptoms for a couple of weeks will reveal a pattern.

I tend to get whattheheckwasthat? heartbeats just before coming down with cold or flu symptoms. Also, if I eat something with yellow dye #5, the PVCs get worse.

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