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Heart palps pac

Hi all. I am a 45 year old man with no heart issues at all. For the last few weeks I have been getting heart palps, primarily pacs. I wore a heart monitor for 24 hours and was diagnosed with them by a cardiologist. They are not all the time, and are really happening after I eat?? I also got a calcium scan and came back at 0. I am a pretty bad hypochondriac and get help for it. Please don’t give me more to worry about, but I would like the truth. I also feel like I have something in my throat all the time. All of this after I eat. Does anyone have any ideas?? Can GERD cause heart palps??Any advice please?? Also all my other blood test are ok as far as the heart related test go. Thank you
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Hello~Yes, GERD can cause the heart palpitations as can a hiatal hernia. The fact that you get them after you eat tells me this may be the cause. I get them after I eat or drink, especially if I bend down after-wards, I hate them. Try drinking some pure aloe vera juice after you eat, this sometimes helps, also, eat smaller portions so your stomach isn't so full, if it is a hiatal hernia, it can press up through the diaphragm, sometimes, when it does this, it can touch the cardiac reflex, this in turn can cause those horrid skips.

I would certainly ask your GP or gastroenterologist about this as well, there are tests for checking for a hiatal hernias.
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Great thank you so much for your help
One more fast question here. I notice that when I take digestive enzymes it helps a lot. Not completely gone but it does help. So this could all be digestive related???
Yes, definitely. Sadly, so many doctors don't recognize this, but it is very true, so many people have the "Skips" due to digestion issues. :-)
I have a slight hiatal hernia and would get skipped heartbeats intermittently for years. My Dr. prescribed lansoprazole daily and they have been gone for a year. There is a connection between gastric problems and heart arrhythmias.
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