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Heart pauses/stops for 3 seconds


I recently went to my GP with a 'skipping' heartbeat sensation and was subsequently given a holter monitor to monitor my heart for a 24 hour period.

The results were referred to a cardiologist and I was called to outpatients for a consultation (2 weeks ago).

Although the results didn't show any 'ectopic' activity, it did show a couple of periods during sleep where my heart appears to pause or stop for 3 seconds!

The cardiologist was unable to explain why or offer any real explanation.  He then mentioned 'Pacemaker' but because of my age (44) was reluctant to consider this at this stage and opted to go for a 12 month monitor period.

I was initially quite relieved but since have become quite worried at what is happening with my heart.

Can anyone reassure me that monitoring for 12 months is a sensible thing to do or should I be pressing for more tests etc.

I also suffer from anxiety (this hasn't helped it!) and take venlafaxine for it.  I also have sleep apnoea and use a CPAP machine at night.

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There are a few different electrical reasons to explain a "pause".  And I didn't think 3 seconds was a big deal. There's also something called "escape rhythm" to help back-up pacing in the absence of a sinus beat ( a P wave).

The electrical system is complex, so I would ask what caused the pause.    Each of the different causes have different implications.
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I will, thanks for the advice.
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No, sleep apnea can cause your heart to do weird things.  I have been having problems with apnea and PVCs, but it can also cause tachycardia, bradycardia and your heart stopping for a couple of seconds.  I would definitely check to make sure you are still sleeping well.
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I have been considering this.  I did mentioned it to my cardiologist but he didn't think there was any connection.

I didn't think with sleep apnoea that your heart actually stopped but just your breathing/airway becomes blocked (which I assumed would temporarily slow your heart) and then your brain kicks in and wakes you.

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You might want to talk to your sleep doctor and get you cpap checked to make sure your AHI is still good.
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