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Heart problems and poor health

Can heart problems be the cause of other health issues?  I’ve suffered from all sorts of nuisance  problems with my heart, SVT’s, PVC's, Heart murmur, pericarditis and so on and every since I was diagnosed with these over 13 yrs ago, I’ve had nothing but health problems.  Any late nights cause me to get flu-like symptoms, I get tonsillitis and sore throats every other month and it doesn’t mater how many vitamins I take, I still suffer from poor health.  My cardiologists said to me some time ago that I have a relatively “weak” heart what ever that’s supposed to mean, and I shouldn’t burn the midnight oil……but I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced a bad immune system or poor health with any of their heart conditions.  Is it coincidence or can Heart problems effect your health in other ways?
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Good morning...

As the heart weakens, blood flow and oxygen levels progressively diminish. The immune system responds by directing the heart to keep blood flowing, especially to vital internal organs. If you are diagnosed with heart disease, conventional medical therapy will be directed at managing the symptoms.

If the internal nervous system is highly activated, beta blocking medications are commonly  used to minimize this nervous stimulation of the heart. While these medications are directed at the symptoms, they are really addressing the clinical signs that are secondary to the immune system's efforts to save itself.

These medications, while often lifesaving initially, block the body's natural response to long-term healing. Holistically, the next step is to shift  attention to the immune system and its overreaction to the problem. Once your condition is stabilized and your doctor is satisfied with the clinical response, it is time to address the body's nutritional needs.

There is no better place to start than with diet and the ingestion of adequate amounts of heart healthy nutrients. A well-balanced diet containing plenty of fiber is extremely important. Eat plenty of raw foods, fish, turkey, chicken and nuts (no peanuts) especially almonds. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, homogenized milk, sugar and licorice. Replace table salt with Celtic sea salt and make sure your drinking water is pure--no chlorine, etc. The main goal is to first, get the proper nutrients to the heart, then help the heart utilize them...something much easier said than done.

An allergy can be a contributer, this is caused by literally anything under the sun, including sunshine. Many allergies are hereditary and may not exhibit symptoms until a later date. It has been proven that, the stronger the genetic factor, the earlier the probable onset. How might this relate to a heart problem? If you are allergic to one or more of the nutrients essential for proper heart function, your heart will never be nourished. Allergies also weaken the immune system. A weak immune system has difficulty repairing itself. The weakest organ will be the first to go.

If you find your heart problems always happen at a particular time of year, it could be an environmental cause. Or maybe you are handling or eating something different than you usually do. Many heart attacks happen around the holidays. Besides being a stressful time, many different foods are eaten, packages are handled, envelopes are licked, and we experience various odors in malls and stores. Any one of these could cause a hidden allergic reaction which manifests itself as heart palpitations, etc.

I hope this helps to illustrate how heart disease can in every way affect your body and leave you suceptible to a host of different ailments.

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That was a very helpful response... you sound like a nurse!  :)

One issue with having heart problems is with your heart being that weakest organ being the first to go.  

You have to be more careful than anybody else.  No matter what kind of other sick I get, it hits me in the heart.   If I get a simple stomach bug,  heart failure is close to follow.  

She told you how heart disease can affect your body in many different ways relating to other problems and similarly, all the other ailments can affect your heart.  Get your rest, proper nutrition,... get your flu shot... wash your hands LOTS...

Winter is the season for flus and colds... tis the season!  Here's to healthy holiday season for you.  Take care of yourself.
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Thank you both for this.  It's helped a lot!
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I initially GOT my heart problem because of not taking care of myself when my immune system was shot.  I had typhoid and then a typhoid relapse and was SO sick.  Really as sick as you can be without dying.  It was very bad.  When I got better, I just went right back to working full speed ahead without really taking enough time to recover.  So.. when I got sick again in my weakened state... it was a virus in my heart.  That's lesson you only get to learn once.  I always say smart people can learn from other peoples mistakes.  Take that and run with it.  :)
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