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Heart rate monitor issue or heart problem

I'm a 30 year old male, healthy bmi, slightly less than average weight. About 2 weeks ago I started having skipped heart beats, generally after food or when sitting so I assume its food or acid reflux related. Each day I was having around 50-70 skipped beats, no dizziness or other red flags. I have a watch that also measures heart rate about once every 10 minutes all day and night.

When I checked the logs, it showed my heart rate going over 120bpm at night and lasting for over 30 minutes. I have another heart rate monitor that straps around the chest that I use for workouts. The past several nights I've worn it to bed and looked at the logs the next morning. It measures my heart rate about once every 3 seconds. Last night, it showed my heart rate getting up to over 200 bpm for almost 10 seconds!! I checked the watch heart rate but since its taken only once every 10 minutes, it was not taken at that same time. There were spikes over 120bpm reported by the watch that the chest strap did not report and the strap reported the heart rate at about 60bpm at those times. How likely is it that the chest strap reported wrong information? I saw my doctor over a week ago and he said if the watch reported the heart rate over 160 to call immediately, otherwise he didn't think it was anything to be concerned about. He also did and EKG that day that showed nothing.

Obviously I know now that the watch heart rate monitor isn't accurate all the time, but I am very worried about the strap heart rate that showed my heart beating over 200bpm! The readings before and after it were in the 60s, so it went from 60s to 200s for almost 10 seconds then back to 60s. I know nothing about what actual fibrillations and heart rates look like before during and after a fibrillation.  Please help!
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Just because it is possibly beating at 200 doesn't mean afib.  It could be an svt.  I had avnrt that ran at rates well in the 200s.  It felt crazy manic fast and it was hard to breath.  I had episodes all my life but have heard some people it only presents later in life.  The only way to know for sure is to get a monitor from the doctor that will record for long periods of time, like a holter or event monitor that auto records upon trigger.  I am not an expert but would not rely on the strap especially while sleeping because position and movement may interfere.  In general if it isn't disrupting your life most svts can be lived with.  Afib may be different but until you know for sure you even have an svt then I would not fret too much.  
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