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Heart rate question

I am not new to ectopics really I have felt many over the years.
But sometimes like today I checked the recordings in my Mi band 5(Xiaomi) and I saw it stated 155 at a time where I was either in the bathroom or walking around the house (didn't feel anything) . I ve seen such strange recordings occasionally but never felt anything. When I do get tachycardia during anything (running for the bus or even stress) I feel it ! I am mid forties fem with autoimmune thyroiditis perfect to low bp, no cholesterol anything recent blood work perfect. Could it be Svt or Nsvt and I didn't feel it? My watch takes readings every 1 min
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To be clear, are you going by the readings of something like an Apple Watch? You should feel tachycardia when running or with stress. Can't really be SVT if it stops, maybe NSVT (non-sustained) but if you are concerned you should have a Holter monitor test. Has your doctor mentioned this possibility?
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Its a Xiaomi band. I feel tachycardia sure which is why I am baffled. I remember once walking very slowly the watch was saying I have 178 pulse but I took it manually and it was only 84 .I haven't been to the dr yet he might think I am insane Lol
It's not uncommon for me to see such a spike on my Apple Watch when working out mildly. I'm sure it's just a glitch in the programming or possible catching the rate between a normal beat and a PVC. I'm guessing your doctor will refer you to a cardiologist who will do a Holter monitor to reassure you.

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