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Heart skips a beat when measuring pulse ?

Hi! So a little background... I went to the hospital last night for a migraine that's lasted a few weeks and just feeling tired and fuzzy...While I was there,they gave me an EKG because my heart rate was extremely high (however I have horrible panic disorder and this always happens at the doctor) they said the ekg was fine.
Today, I've checked my pulse manually several times (a habit I do often because of my anxiety) and I've noticed something I never have before,in 5 years of monitoring my pulse bc of panic... my heart seems to skip a beat every once in a while. Maybe a couple of times in a single measurement. I'm not feeling actual fluttering in my chest. Since my EKG was fine last night, should I be worried about this? Could this be a side effect of one of the medications they put me on (I'm not sure what all they gave but several pain meds) or do I need to worry and go back in?
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Actually it is not a skipped beat, its an extra beat between two regular beats. Most of the heart tissue can fire electrical impulses. My MD says that there is a "naughty" piece of tissue which fires these skipped/extra beats, that is if they are often and annoying.
They are usually harmless if your heart is structurally normal. I've been fighting them for a while now; they are the only symptoms of my anxiety and they can be very, very bothersome. So, check your heart and do the tests.
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