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What does it mean when you are randomly walking around or sitting even when your heart feels like it skips a beat and then tightens up intensely, not allowing any sort of semi-deep to deep breath, but rather only short choppy inhales at a time? It goes away in a range from 25 seconds up to a whole minute. It my variate each time. Any answers to this or experience, maybe to prevent it?
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An occasional skip or extra heart beat is very common and usually doesn't require any treatment (or said another way, not considered dangerous and we don't have any treatment for it anyway).  Your other symptoms, if they continue, sound troubling to me and I think should be checked by a doctor.
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Okay. That first part is good to hear! On the other hand, it's been happening for years an I'm not sure if it's secretly affecting my health... Maybe explain for some other dysfunctions with my respiratory system. But thank you so, your help is very much appreciated!
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