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Hearts pvcs

I have been having pvcs like it feels like my heart stops for a sec and I can't breath for that second I have had ekgs X-rays and have had my heart listened to they say I'm fine but I'm just really really scared can anyone reassure me
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In any otherwise healthy heart pvcs are not a threat.  They are alarming to the patient but if the heart is healthy the heart is capable of working through it.  The best bet is to try and avoid the things that might trigger them like caffeine, sugar and carbohydrates, spicy foods or anything that cause acid reflux, eating too big or too heavy meals.  As well make sure you stay well hydrated and work on any stress and anxiety.  Do your best to ignore the extra beats.  They are fairly common and tend to come and go.  The cardiologist would not steer you wrong.  They could get in trouble for that so try to trust their judgment and redirect your thoughts when the pvcs try to hijack them.  Take care.  
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