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Heat pain and beating too fast

I'm a sixteen year old male and just this month I've been experiencing minor heart issues. I believe the incident started when a day I finished smoking marijuana and began skateboarding, my heart was beating fast but I ignored the fact and continued skating anyways. During the session I felt a sore pain lasting for a second or two that caught me by surprise, but immediately ignored it.

Back home I began feeling a bit sore on the left chest every once in awhile but the pain was very very minor. I'm usually very active skateboarding and doing other sports but this week I've been asked to help around in the house, cutting off my exercises. Recently I'm still experiancing minor sores throughout specific movements on the left chest and the same exact spot on my backside. Today I decided to skate a little in the garage and realized my heartbeat was picking up rapidly.

So I'm a little worried, am I overreacting?
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I would suggest seeing a doctor although it sounds muscular - everyone here will be guessing based on their own personal exeriences. This forum is great for support not for diagnosis.
Clearly you are concerned enough to write in so it must be troubling you.
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Hey there,I remember being 16 lol and I can deff say that smoking marijuana can speed up your heart!!!!!!I would be careful and deff see a dr about it,its prob nothing but to be on the safe side check it out:)
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