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Help - Freaking out Toprol/A-Flutter


I was diagnosed with an atrial flutter almost two weeks ago, I have also suffered from pvc's for 5yrs and
one bout of a-fib 3/2008.  I was put on Toprol xl 25mgs,  today I am having alot of palpitations,  not sure if they
are the regular pvc's or atrial flutters?  I am so confused.   My dr told me if I have sustained pvc's I should up my does to 50mg toprol.   My heart  does not race its in the 60's.  Even with my initial Atrial flutter my heart did not go over 90 beats a minute.    My palpitations are calming down now but I am wondering if I should go to the hospital
to see if I am in atrial flutter or just having pvc's?  My dr is setting me up with a 30 day event monitor but I won't get that until Wednesday.  The anxiety I feel due to all this is driving me insane with worry.    It just feels like it never ends.   I do not want to raise my Toprol to 50mg because I feel great at 25mg's.  When to wait it out and when to go to hospital for ekg?

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If your toprol is is 25 mg tablets, go half way, take one in the morning and 1/2 one (12.4 mg) at night... that's what I'd do to see if it helps without kicking my into fatigue or other unwanted side effects.  If you have no bad response, go up to the 25 mg twice a day.  No, PLEASE, I am telling you what I'd do in your situation, I am not telling you what you should. do.  Probably best to do exactly what your doctor said, go up to 50 mg a day. If he/she didn't say how, I'd split it into 25 morning and 25 night.   I'd also take an aspirin and discuss that too with you doctor the next time you talk.

I think you should be calm and positive.  AFlutter and PVC are normally benign, and it sounds like your symptoms are minor.
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My vote is to stop making yourself panic and overthink this and wait until your holter appt.  Stay away from all caffeines until the appt. and make sure that you get a lot of rest and try to distract yourself whenever you feel the flutters.........
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Thanks Jerry and Cindy,  I am just upset with all the new stuff.  I was good all last week when I started the Toprol and now for the lasgt two days constant palpitations or a-flutter.

I do have one question.  Can you remain in aflutter safely while your heart rate is in the 60's from the Toprol?
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From what i understand yes......if your heart rate is that low the chances of you throwing a clot are pretty minimal.  Its when our hearts race out of control that the %'s begin to move against us.  Toporol is a great drug for regulating and smoothing over the rough spots......
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