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Help me understand this result PLEASE?

My son has had anxiety and worry about his heart for about 5 years now. His PCP is also a cardiologist. In the past all heart test have been fine, he's had holsters and ekgs and stress tests and echos. His anxiety causes very frequent PVCs. he was on low dose anxiety meds that helped his panic attacks and palpitations. Three months ago he went off them because he thought he was better and didn't want to be on a daily drug anymore. His anxiety has gotten terrible over the past month. Pain going down his arm causes panic and palps. He's had the arm thing for months..comes and goes. Dr put him on another holster because of seeing PVCs and his arm complaints. Assistant Called with the results first saying it was normal, then the cardiologist himself called back saying he wanted to start him on beta blockers asap because there were 96 episodes and some instances of vtach at180. Avg.125. he doesn't want to take the beta blockers. He's hesitant of being in a daily med that could cause side effects. He's maybe going to start up the anxiety meds to see if that helps. The Dr has him so scared he's thinking he's going to drop dead of a heart attack. Dr is rude and won't answer questions. Has more testing scheduled upcoming weeks. Stress tests and echos. Also an appt for a second opinion fron another dr.hr thinks it's anxiety related and even though the Drs know he went off his anxiety meds they don't think the vtach is related. This is all very scary for us. He's 25.otherwise healthy...maybe a bit overweight.
No pauses>2.5s
Episodes 98
VT Longest/fastest 3 beats @avg127 bpm (up to 180 bpm)
Burden 22.55% avg26948/day
Isolated 43982 pairs 4396
PVC unifocal PVC morphology consistent with outflow tract origin

So..how bad is it? Does he really need to be taking the betas to prevent a heart attack? Is the dr just using scare tactics and a band aid? He's very scared rn and we could use some reassurance.dr will not answer his questions and gets very rude about our questions and concerns.
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