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Help this poor heart o' mine :(

I am 28 years old, average height and weight. I have been suffering from heart palpitations, irregular heartbeat, pounding heart, tachycardia, dizziness, sudden fatigue, weakness, pains in my head(random), muscle spasms, coldness in my chest and left arm, chest pain, and chest tightness. I notice these symptoms mainly in the morning when I am laying in bed, and at night when I am relaxing on the couch. It's a very uncomfortable feeling, and I feel like my symptoms are becoming more frequent. I'm sure I left something out, there are so many stinking symptoms to keep track of. My symptoms started a year ago when I changed my diet and drinking water. I started eating an organic, minimally processed diet, nothing crazy. Also, I bought a reverse osmosis water system for my house, and started drinking that water. However, I didn't do enough research on it, and I was drinking distilled water basically. It was filtering out all the bad, but also all the good essential minerals. I never got the filter to replace the minerals(genius that I am). Anyways, after researching I was drinking "dead" water, I quickly stopped, and started buying jugs of water from the store. I did that for about a year. Recently, I started filling up my reusable jugs with the Primo RO water at Whole Foods. I can't help but think that drinking that "dead" water caused all of these heart problems by sucking out all the needed minerals from my body. So I've had every cardio test done known to man, and at first they said, it's just a little bit of sinus tachycardia. My most recent monitor that I wore, they said I have a slight irregular heartbeat, but nothing that they would put me on medicine for. They just want me to try exercising to see if that helps. Feeling my heart going wacky in my chest is driving me bonkers! I'm sure worrying about it 24/7 doesn't help the matter either. I have been reading about magnesium supplements helping with my problem, so I am here to get comments, experience, suggestions, and/or stories. Please help!
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Hi. Sorry to hear about your troubles. This question of whether a lack of minerals is causing your symptoms seems like it could be confirmed or ruled out through blood testing.  However, one thing to keep in mind is that standard blood testing does not cover all electrolytes.  You may need to ask about additional testing.

Also,  when they said "slightly" irregular,  did they indicate anything more specific?  This seems vague.

Exercise does help some things. I do not believe it can correct an electrolyte imbalance,  but I am not a doctor...
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I feel skipped beats some times, and that's what the cardiologist is calling lightly irregular. He said he only saw it one time on the monitor I wore for 30 days. I felt it way more than one time though. So I don't know why he only saw one case of irregularity. He was saying exercise for the irregularity and tachycardia, not because of electrolytes. I have had all the typical blood tests done, which all come back normal. All my tests have come back normal. Although, I have read that there is only like 1% of magnesium that shows up in your blood serum, so that the typical test can be inaccurate. I do have a list of symptoms that comply with mag deficiency though.
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Ok I don't know much about mg deficiency,  but I drink store bought water myself and have never had a problem.  However,  I have had several occasions during which a lack of exercise led to feelings of anxiety,  fatigue,  weakness,  and so on.  I frequently recommend light exercise to my friends and family because I have had great results with it. Maybe you should talk your dr. Into letting you take an mg supplement while you are getting your exercise program spun up.

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".....I started eating an organic, minimally processed diet, nothing crazy...."

So tell us what you stopped eating, and what you started eating?  What type of foods are you now consuming?
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