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Hiatal Hernia Induced heart problems


     I am a 18 year old male, and I believe I am having my stomach pressing on my heart, let me give you a little history about myself first.  I believe I got a Hiatal Hernia by smoking excessive amounts of weed when I had a sore throat, my symptoms where I had a very unconformable lump in the back of my throat and every time I ate any little thing I would burp.  Because of these problems I stopped smoking weed for a good year.  Then I started up a year later again and everything was fine until one night it was late at night, I was tired, and all of a sudden I got extremely cold to the point where I could not stop shaking, it was like I was having a seizure.  I took a hot shower because I was so cold and then all of a sudden I stopped shaking, this would happen whenever I would smoke large amounts of weed.  I would also sometimes experience numbness in my hands and feet when and this is also when I smoked large amounts of weed.  So my Hiatal Hernia appeared to get worse with me smoking.  Then there was one night which changed everything.  I used meth for the first time, and I snorted it really hard, and at first I did not feel it much, but then I started to get a head ache followed with the numb feet and arms, just like when I smoked weed, but more intense this time.  I noticed when I took a deep breath in, my heart beat would speed up; but when I exhaled my heart beat slowed down.  After that I was never doing meth again.  I think the meth made my Hiatal Hernia alot wore.  After I ate a big dinner I felt much better, because the food made my hiatal hernia go down.  Ever since then it feels like I am getting weaker every day. For example I was handing out candy at Halloween and I found that it was hard for me to carry the bag of candy, the  next day my arms where sore.  I also get chest pains after eating a large meal.  I have heart palliations when I lay down sideways on the sofa, especially after I eat.  The point to all this is I feel this issue could be solved if I get an xray to see how bad my Hiatal Hernia is, or if I even have one in the first place (which I think I do) .  The problem is I went to the heart doctor and he just said I have Sinus arrhythmia along with a heart palpitations, I looked it up, and I think I was misdiagnosed, because A Sinus arrhythmia had to do with the pressure when you breath in and out, but I think what it really is, if I breath in my stomach goes up and pushes on my heart which makes my heart beat increase, but when I breath out my heart beat slows down.  The doctor does not seem concerned, but I asked him for a xray and he did not want to do it, I was disappointed.  He is a very popular heart doctor in the community.  I do not know how  could live with myself if 5 years down the line my heart conditions get much worse and it turns out I was right, I am scared of dying at an early age, All I want is an xray to see if I have a serious Hiatal Hernia, but no one behalves me or wants to check, It makes me very sad some days.  Every month or so I just seem it get a little worse, it is like I am slowly going down hill.  I want to know what you Guys think of this, because I will admit I have high anxiety which I think makes it worse, but the only reason I have high anxiety is because I am experience heart problems. If you made it this far, thanks for reading, and I hope my grammar wasn’t too bad, lol.  
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Respiratory Sinus arrhythmia is perfectly normal.   It makes gas exchange as you breath more efficient.  When you breath in, the heart sends in more blood to exchange gases in the lungs.  When you breath out the heart slows down so it's not rushing blood through the lungs that won't have a chance to get fresh air.   Do you see?   There's a perfectly good explanation for it.  The healthier and younger a person the more pronounced this is.  

I was diagnosed with a "hiatal hernia" via endoscopy.  Meh, it has nothing to do with my palps.  I didn't pursue it.  Doc felt same.  if you want more info on it go see a GI doc.  

Try exercising more.   Don't smoke any more weed because it sounds to me like you are predisposed to anxiety and possibly some paranoia (the to are probably related) and weed will make that worse.  

Exercise has been the most effective treatment I've found. Start out slow and build up.  
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