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High TSH, better heart rhythm

I just saw these posts about Synthroid and arrhythmia.  I have hypothyroidism and have been on Synthroid for over thirty years with no problems.  Two years ago I started with PVCs.  Of course, at the time I had no idea what it was and wondered if I'd make it to the next day.  As you can see I did.  Heart arrhythmia is scary.  The doc said my thyroid levels were high.  I stopped the Synthroid and I felt great.  Now two years later, the same thing.  My TSH is a whopping 27 but when I take Synthroid again, more PVCs.  My doc is on vacation so I will see another doc and I'm going to want a scan too.  After three decades of no problems, why now?  Is it because I'm getting old (56), or being overweight?  But nothing has really changed.  I realize thyroid hormone is very important but I swear I don't want it anymore.  Any and all advice is welcomed.  I don't want afib.
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I am hypothyroid, have been on Synthroid for 40 years.  I've found, over the years, that when I take a higher dose to "normalize" my levels I always get more irregular beats.  This seems to be even more so as I age.  I am now taking .88 of the generic for Synthroid and my tests say I'm getting enough.  It is very important to keep up the meds as too little thyroid hormone will cause arrthymias also.  Good luck to you.
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I have been on synthroid forever. First for hypothyroid and then to replace the hormone after a total thyroidectomy. I used to get increased PVCs/PACs when my levels were off and I stopped taking the meds a few times hoping they would go away. Big mistake! Not only was I fatigued and weak but after hair falling out and skin getting dry, I got more arrythmias than ever. Your heart needs thyroid hormone to run correctly and can be greatly affected when you levels are off. This was told to me by my cardiologist, endocrinologist and GP. I am a notorious self medicator, I always think I know more than the doctors about my own body. I have since taken their advice and take my Synthroid every day. I still get arrythmia but I feel a whole heck of a lot better than I did without it. Sometimes it just takes a few tries ( or in my case a lot of tries ) to get your levels right...talk to your doc about it he/she may want to try differents doses til they get it right.
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