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Holter Monitor ST Segment Analysis


I recently had a 24hr holter monitor study done for pvcs.. I noticed an ST Segment Anaylsis I always thought ST changes were bad... Can someone provide insight...

On report
Episodes: 185
Duration: 39:23:11 (164%)
Maximum STe: 4.3mm @ 4:25:51 AM (2)
Maximum STd: -12.4mm @2:14:24 AM (2)

Dr says and has told me I have no issues what so ever... Any insight into what that means would be great.

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Im not a Dr but I think they look for consistency and a greater occurrence. Abnormalities show up in about everybodys ECG if they had one. Just everyone doesn't get one. If you ever read the article about the cardiologists that kept a diary of olympics athletes ecgs, saying they were a total nightmare. I think it all boils down to being symptomatic or asymptomatic and if the findings correlate with the symptoms
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