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Holter Monitor result interpretation.

Hi, I am Nini, 30 years old normally in good health and have suffered with occasional PVC's for almost 2 months. Last week I feel little bit pain on my chest and go to ER. Then he( The Doctor ) check my bp and found 90/130 and give me to take an ecg. On that report he tolled me I have frequent pvc's and he suggest me to take another test named Holter Monitor. Ohhh its just boring experience for me. After 24hrs my HM results is here-
Minimum HR-4 intervals: 43 bpm at 0:59
Maximum HR-4 intervals: 132q bpm at 16:15
Average HR-24 Hours: 73 bpm
Minimum HR-Hourly:  57 bpm at 1:00
Maximum HR-Hourly:  89 bpm at 17:00
Analyzed Beats: 103730
Ventricular Ectopy
VE total: 8565
V pair total: 184
V run total: 62
Longest run: 7 beats at 19:46
Minimum HR V run: 86 bpm at 17:30
Maximum HR V run: 241 bpm at 17:11
Supraventricular Ectopy
SVE total: 2190
SVE pair total: 22
SV run total: 18
pauses in excess of 2.5 sec is zero and Max QT 453 ms (V2).
Any advice would be amazing. Thanks in advance.
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VE total: 8565....  Those are you total for premature ventricular contractions or PVCs.  That means about 9% of our year heart beats are PVCs.  Follow up with your doctor for next step.
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