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Holter monitor report question

I wore ECG holter for 24 hours, and nurse gave me results with excuse that doctor is on vacation and not able to explain report to me. Can someone help me to understand this report?

Average HR: 70
Min HR: 49
Max HR: 109
Total Beats: 96621
Abnormal Beats: 160
Abnormal Permillage: 1

VE: not present

Total S: 160
Total S Pair: 1
S Run: 1
S Permillage: 1
Bigeminy: 0
Trigeminy: 0

Pause Beats that RR > 2000 ms: 0

HRV (Time Domain):
SDNN (ms): 170.3
SDANN (ms): 153.5
rMSSD (ms): 43.3
PNN50 (%): 12.8
CV: 0.09

HRV (Frequency Domain): (ms*ms/Hz)
Power: 13828.8
ULF: 9251.5
VLF: 3593.5
LF: 751.3
HF: 232.5

ST (0.1 mv/Min):
Lead      STE     STD
A:           1          0
B:           0          1
C:           0          2
D:           0          1

It stands in conclusion: during "24h registered sinus rhythm all the time, with short periods of sinus dysrhythmia (60-100). 160 individual SVES".

Should I concern about this results, is 160 SVES a lot?

Thank you
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I should qualify my statements.  These palpitations are not a worry in a structurally normal heart.  People on this forum, including me,  are not doctors; you need a doctors input.  Your doctor is going to know more about your history too. Also, if you experience chest pain dizziness or shortness of breath,  get medical help.
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Doesn't look too scarey as far as I can tell.  I am not a doctor.  Does your doctor seem concerned at all?  I t seems like he might not be.  No, 160 isolated palpitations involving tissue above the ventricles sounds low key to me.  Not to worry,  but it's good to follow up with your doctor....
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I didn't mention I'm 24 years old male, and not taking any medicine
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