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Holter monitor test results

Hi. Thank you for taking my questions. I just received the test results from my Holter monitor study and it reads-

Diary returned- Symptoms of heart pounding and skipping beats reported while at rest corresponded to sinus rhythm or sinus tachycardia.
Min heart rate- 75
Max heart rate- 148
average- 92
Basic rhythm is sinus rhythm. There was one premature ventricular contraction. There were 13 premature atrial contractions.
There was one 5 beat run of supra ventricular tachycardia (SVT) at rate of 180 bpm at 15:19 and this was associated with symptom of heart skipping beat.
Clinical correlation advised.

I have had problems with palpitations over the last 7 years or so. Sometimes they are very infrequent and it may only happen a couple times a month. Other times, they can drive me crazy, happening frequently. They resolve very fast, never causing me more than worry. I had a doctor tell me once to hold my breath and bear down if they are frequent, which I do when they try to last longer than a couple seconds, and that seems to always help.

I had been told by more than one doctor the palpitations were nothing serious, that it was just my nerves, and to get some anxiety treatment. I do suffer with serious anxiety,suffering from depression and at times agoraphobia. I had a couple of doctors order holters reluctantly, and nothing ever showed up. This was the first time I ever had the holter on and had what I felt were skipping beats. Four years ago I had an echo cardiogram, totally normal, and have had many EKGs which have all been normal. I am 38, ashamed to admit it but am obese, have had iron defiency anemia off and on the last few years, and GERD, but other than that, am healthy. My blood pressure is a little elevated but not needing treatment so far according to GP. I know if I lost weight it would go back down, and that is my intention. I quit smoking 3 years ago, and drink little caffiene, do not drink alcohol or use drugs.

I have been referred to a cardiologist. The GP said not to worry, its better for them to check me out. What can I expect from my visit? Will I have to have lots tests? Is a 5 beat run of SVT significant? And does anxiety/stress have any effect on SVT?

Thank again.
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Hi dmmjsm2010,

In the grand scheme of things, those results aren't uncommon.  The PVC and PAC count are low.  Which is good.    I think what they'd like to get to the bottom of is the SVT.  You probably should have another echo and check it against the one you had 4 years ago for any changes, which there probably are none.  Other tests might be a stress test or a nuke stress test.

The doc will be trying to figure out where the SVT came from.  SVT is something you want to make sure is controlled and understand the cause.  The valsalva maneuver you do is a great trick, and there are other vagal maneuvers you can try.  Yours is so rare, I'm not really sure how far the doc will push for answers.  Good luck.
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