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Hormones and Afib

Do you have any evidence or know of any research looking at the effects of hormones and afib?
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It's well known that woman experience more arrhythmias around the luteal phase of their menstrual cycle (the luteal phase is the part after ovulation and before menstruation, so when you would have PMS).  Pregnant and menopause can also make arrhythmias worse.
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Toprol (beta blockers) Inhibit healthy levels of the catecholamine hormones     (epinephrine and nor-epinephrine) Adrenalin.Thus they inhibit good estrogen, allowing the bad estrogen to possibly promote cancer. The following is from www.vrp.com read the whole artical under (DIM). If you have a-fib and on a beta blocker I would hesitate to supplement with (dim). Any increase in Adrenalin could cause a-fib.
Diindolylmethane (DIM)
Microencapsulated Phytonutrient Supports Hormone Metabolism and Weight Loss
By Michael A. Zeligs, MD

As we age, many tissues in our bodies become chronically inflamed, resulting in an increased risk of weight gain, diabetes, and cancer. By aiding healthy hormone metabolism and assisting the body to recognize and eliminate stressed cells, we can reduce generalized inflammation and slow the progress of aging-related disorders.

DIM (Diindolylmethane) is a natural antioxidant and phytonutrient found in cruciferous vegetables, and research has shown it to have powerful anti-inflammatory activity. DIM is an indole that is highly insoluble. To be absorbed, pure DIM must be microencapsulated. This has been proven to significantly increase the gastrointestinal absorption of DIM.1 When absorbed, DIM promotes estrogen metabolism to produce healthy and cancer-protective 2-hydroxy estrogens,2 and minimizes the activity of pro-inflammatory enzymes,3 thereby reducing cellular inflammation. Activating these pathways encourages remarkable weight loss and hormonal balance and provides many other benefits towards healthy aging.
Maintaining Healthy Cells by Resolving Inflammation

The epidemic of “Metabolic Syndrome” is now recognized as abdominal obesity, rising cholesterol, and pre-diabetes. Evidence shows that low levels of generalized inflammation and cellular stress are linked to insulin resistance and weight gain, and this creates an avenue for the Metabolic Syndrome to develop. This cycle has been attributed to “high-glycemic” processed starches and sugars, trans fats, and lack of exercise, but new research shows that exposure to environmental pollutants can also cause inflammation.4 New population studies show that blood levels of organo-chlorine pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are significantly associated with elevated fasting glucose and greater waist circumferences in US adults who are otherwise considered healthy.5 Dietary exposure from environmental chemicals ranging from plastics to pesticides, tobacco, hydrocarbons, and petrochemicals, can contribute to chronic inflammation, and therefore contribute to aging related disorders such as weight gain, diabetes, and cancer.

Microencapsulated DIM has shown specific activity to control the activity of inflammatory receptors and mediators, as well as support the antioxidant enzymes within cells. Recent research shows that even at low doses, DIM suppresses the inflammatory response from certain white blood cells, called macrophages.3 Macrophages are present in tissue and derived from precursor monocyte white cells in blood. Macrophages accumulate in fat deposits, particularly intra-abdominal fat, and other sites of inflammation. Known as the conductors of the immune response, macrophages produce and secrete an array of pro-inflammatory hormones and cytokines, which may contribute to the metabolic syndrome.6 In the recent research, DIM was shown to specifically inhibit the production and release of inflammation promoting cytokines from macrophages. Taking supplemental DIM supports the metabolic pathway for DIM, which helps to stimulate the metabolism of other poorly soluble substances. This activity assists the body in eliminating poorly soluble, pro-inflammatory environmental chemicals helping to reduce an important source of inflammation.
DIM Specifically Benefits Estrogen Metabolism

Estrogen is an essential pro-growth hormone present in women and men. Due to its potent capability to deliver messages on a cellular level, poorly metabolized estrogen has the potential to contribute to the Metabolic Syndrome. Estrogen is metabolized into several different post-estrogen hormones, namely 2-hydroxy, 4-hydoxy and 16-hydroxy estrogens. Research has shown 4-hydroxy and 16-hydroxy estrogens to be powerful growth and inflammation promoters, with direct connections to cancer, especially in estrogen-sensitive tissues such as the uterus, cervix, and prostate.7 Obesity is also associated with unfavorable estrogen metabolites.8 On the other hand, 2-hydroxy estrogens have been shown to be powerfully protective of those same tissues, helping to prevent cancer and resolve disorders including uterine fibroids and elevated PSA from prostate tissue.9

Research shows that absorbable DIM specifically directs metabolism to produce much higher levels of the 2-hydroxy “Good Estrogens.”10 Encouraging this favorable hormone metabolism produces remarkable results in the body, and invigorates the process of weight loss as well. Lipolysis is the process by which fat cells release stored fat to serve as a primary energy supply. “Good Estrogens” (2-hydroxy) help maintain healthy levels of the catecholamine hormones (epinephrine and nor-epinephrine) that specifically stimulate enzymes in fat cells to release stored fat for energy.11 When given over a period of months in animal studies, 2-hydroxy estrogen prevented obesity and the Metabolic Syndrome. Research with absorbable DIM has shown that supplementation before exercise results in greater lipolysis in the hours following exercise. This effect was associated with enhanced weight loss in adults on a weight loss program.13

Use of microencapsulated DIM supplements by thousands of women and men has demonstrated benefits for painful breasts,14 improvement in painful menstruation,15 improvement in uterine cervical health,16 and improvement in prostate health. Prostate health is the subject of two current clinical trials supported by the National Cancer Institute where a reduction of PSA levels in men is anticipated. Effectively balancing hormone metabolism is essential for better health and avoidance of the Metabolic Syndrome. It is advised and easy to test your body’s 2/16 estrogen metabolite ratio in order to see if you are in need of further hormone balance. A ratio of less than 2.0 indicates the need for support for estrogen metabolism.
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Follow up to earlier response. The following is a copy of my letter to www.vrp.com and Dr. Melitis response. Also log on to www.drsinatra.com.                                  From Dear Doctor at VRP.COM

Submitters Question:
Dear Dr. Meletis,

In the article on BioDIM®, it states: "Research shows that absorbable DIM specifically directs metabolism to produce much higher levels of the 2-hydroxy estrogen that help maintain healthy levels of the catecholamine hormones (epinephrine and nor-epinephrine) that specifically stimulate enzymes in fat cells to release stored fat for energy."
I take 12.5 mg of Toprol® (metoprolol succinate), down from 150 mg. for arrhythmia. I'm also taking Cardio Rhythm, Cardio Care, COQ10-H2™, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Grape Seed Extract, Hawthorn Extract and Inositol Hexanicotinate(B-3), plus Neptune Krill Oil. I have corrected my arrhythmia but
I cannot lose my waist fat due to the Toprol blocking my adrenalin. I would like to get off Toprol and/or include BioDIM as a supplement. However, I fear an increase in epinephrine may bring on arrhythmia.
In addition, I have a large benign prostrate and fear the purpose of the Toprol will inhibit my levels of 2-hydroxy Estrogen. With a large prostrate at 71 years young, I fear the lack of the “good estrogen” might lead to something dangerous. Please advise and thank you for your wonderful products.

Mr. C.

Doctors Response:
Dear Mr. C.,

You bring up an excellent question relative to maintaining your current level of control of the heart rhythm. In such a circumstance, working on lowering cortisol levels with stress reduction, such as through the use of products to support healthy cortisol levels such as B vitamins (Extension B-Plex) and SeriPhos® can help with abdomen weight. Also increased fiber intake (such as Fiber-Rite) with carbohydrate meals can help. It is important to avoid taking fiber with medications or supplements for 2 hours or longer.

Since you have found a healthy balance for your body, starting slowly with all changes is important to see how your body responds.

The information shared here is educational and is not intended as either diagnosis or treatment.

Chris D. Meletis, ND

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This is interesting!

I have brought this up to my doctors that when I about 4-5 days before the start of my monthly I have more problems with tachycardia and other palpitations/arrhythmias.  Now that I am pre-menopausal it seems that I am having a lot more difficulties.  I read a book recently called "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause. The Breakthrough Book On Natural Progesterone." By Doctor John R. Lee, M.D.  That has some information about the opposite effect... About the Estrogen Dominate Syndrome. Which it appears that I may be suffering from.

I tested high for the catecholamine hormones... Epinephrine
Epinephrine and nor-epinephrine.  But My Estrogen levels are in the too high range too and my progesterone is almost absent.  Which is somewhat contradicting.   I was just put on Toprol a couple of weeks ago and now am starting to feel better.  I have lost 15 pounds in 2 weeks on just bed rest!

I wondered if my hormones play a role in this.  I also have problems with lax joints particularly during PMS time.  I dislocate easily.  This could be due to hormones that are normally in place during pregnancy,  yet I am not pregnant.  I had a lot of problems with my heart, anxiety and dislocations when I was pregnant 15 years ago, and now that I am entering my menopausal years it is becoming worse.

I wonder how much research is really being done on this subject.  It seems that hormones do play a big role... whether male or female on how our bodies work...

If anyone else has any research on this subject, I would like to hear more too.

Interesting indeed!!!  Seems to be an enigma, and my doctors brush over it!

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Hi - i have very similar problems to what you describe - and afib on the same schedule as yours. I noticed that your comment was written in 2008. Any news to report, or fixes you have discovered? Anything would be much appreciated.
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