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How can I cure my palpitations?Please help! :(

So bare with me here I'm going to start from day one. I've started experiencing daily palpitations about 3 years ago. I am a pretty active person, I am an athlete and pretty physically fit. I have never been diagnosed with anxiety but I think I do have anxiety, that is social anxiety. My mothers side of the family has had a history of anxiety, but they don't have it anymore. To explain my anxiety, I do get nervous around crowds way worse than before in fact when I was younger I don't think I ever had such nervousness in social circles and what not, I was more the shy and quiet type but I still didn't have a constant fear. I would say today my social anxiety is mild because I still have a lot of friends and do in fact go to social settings when I'm comfortable I forget all about the anxiety and fears but in certain moments my heart will race and I will be nervous. However, as the years went by I feel as if my anxiety got worse. Now it is at a point where it does affect me but it doesn't get worse. For example, at work, I barely make conversations because I'm afraid my face would turn red or ill stutter etc. and the weird thing is it is only to people I don't feel comfortable with even though I know very well they are nice and nothing to fear. I get about 20 palpitations a day but only at work doing moderate activity: I work at a warehouse so it is moderate to sometimes rushy pace. On my days off and rest days when I absolutely do nothing, I would get less than 3 palpitations. When I train or exercise I would get like 10 plus palpitations. I'm scared that my palpitations are developing an afib or arrhythmias because just recently I have felt that "floppy fish" type of beat that last like 2-3 seconds described like an afib. In honesty I am a tense person or anxious and sometimes my heart will be triggered to a rapid heart rate from things that make me excited or nervous such as awkward moments talking to people, or playing a video game I would get really tense and my heart would race even more when I have an awkward encounter. Sometimes when I talk to people who I am not comfortable with I would find myself in the middle of the conversation worrying about my face turning red then it would then it all goes downhill. Luckily I've talked to polite and nice people who probably just ignore it but afterward, I would get a weird stare from them, which they probably think I'm weird or something. My theory is that with these spiked up moments happen adrenaline actives thus being overproduced in my bloodstream maybe causing these palpitations. I have experienced this "floppy fish" feeling (not the regularly delayed thump palpitation) when I workout out and it has happened probably 3 times already.  One was 2 months ago the other was recently and the other was like 5 months ago perhaps. This is incredibly saddening for me because I have a strong passion for sports and the fitness world. I fear that it is not allowing me to be the athlete I once was because now I'm afraid to push myself. I have thought of going professional but it is slowly fading away because of this. I don't drink I don't smoke or do any drugs and eat healthily. However, I was born with an innocent heart murmur and my brother was born with an issue with heart meanwhile he does not experience any palpitations or doesn't have anxiety. He is a powerlifter and performs perfectly fine. I did go to a cardiologist last year and they've conducted an echocardiogram and stress test (annoyingly no regular palpitation came up, almost as if it was hiding from the doctor >: I lol) but nothing came up and he didn't detect any murmurs. He prescribed me Metropolol but it didn't have any effect. On another note on some occasion, I have trouble sleeping and episodes of insomnia from severe emotional thoughts and or excessive thoughts on things to get done or just daydreaming. Every few months I would also experience sleep paralysis. I yawn a lot throughout the day and sometimes I just feel depersonalized, low cognitive, and felt like had low-quality sleep even though I've slept 8 plus hours!! I just don't know why this is happening to me, I have so much potential feel that I can accomplish so much from what I hear because of my natural talents yet this is holding me back so much like a dark shadow lurking behind saying you cant do this because you have a defective heart. It makes me weep and feel like crying, but I try my best to ignore it. My fitness is the only thing I feel that gives me confidence in this world and it is being attacked, at some point, I may feel I have nothing left. So, in essence, is this all the cause of my palpitations? how can I change and improve myself to get rid of these palpitations? I certainly do not want to have these during my young years I am only 23 and still have so many years to achieve my goals. Thank you all and God bless you all for this community.
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Ok, what you need asap is a good psychotherapy with an expert for anxiety and panic. They have various techniques for that; breathing, refocusing, meditating, working on your self esteem, assertivness, social component etc.. it really helps.
And remember, it won't go by itself, don't wait, it just gets worse.
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Stjopa is right - get some help.  PA disorder is a massive pain in the *** and makes palpitations much harder to deal with. Dont wait  - waiting gives it power and adds to your distress.
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