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How do you live, work, and cope with pvc's?

Hi, I'm new here. To give you a little background, I'm a 22 year old female, and I've had tachycardia and pvc's as long as I can remember. I can even recall being a toddler and experiencing them and panicking because of them.
I was never taken to get them checked out, so I didn't start seeing a doctor for them until recently.
In March of last year, I was having them non-stop. I didn't know what they were at the time, I knew they had to be related to my heart, but also suspected a respiratory issue because they knock out my breath. I freaked out and left work and went to my local urgent care clinic, who ran ekg's and took my heart rate sitting and then standing (upon which they claimed there was a substantial difference in pulse) and simply diagnosed me with palpitations, and put me on a beta blocker, metoprolol tartate. The medicine worked wonders, it stopped them entirely. I was pvc/palpitation free for months, until last December. I don't know why, but they suddenly came back. My medicine stopped doing anything for my heart rate or the pvc's.
I went to the ER at least 6 times. Nobody has ever been able to offer me much reassurance or even any kind of info on these. They just watch me, give me anxiety meds, then send me home.
Now, I have seen a cardiologist. I have had ekg's, an echo, a cardiogram, and a stress test. All my results were normal, but these tests were all performed while I was experiencing no issues, so I'm endlessly worried that I just have something awful that they haven't caught. It drives me crazy.
I finally got to go back to my cardiologist a few days ago, who insisted that there is nothing wrong with my heart structurally, and although he wasn't sure why my pvc's would just come back like that, he was going to put me on a 24 hour holter and switch my medicine to verapamil.
I haven't gotten the results of the holter yet or been able to pick up the verapamil (walmart doesn't have it in stock yet) but I guess I'm just looking to ease my mind and get advice in the meantime, and just find others like me.
To give a thorough description of my heart issues:
- without medicine, my resting heart rate never goes below 120
- when my pvc's occur, it feels like a large thump in my chest, followed by my breath being knocked out, and sometimes lightheadedness (although I do kinda hyperventilate every time it happens cause I get scared) and a sort of shock feeling throughout my chest and arms. If it happens enough, my chest ends up a bit sore. My cardiologist is aware of all these symptoms and wasn't worried about it which is a little frustrating. I know it should probably be reassuring but it's not. Today I'm having them near-constantly and I'm just trying not to panic.

How do you guys live with these?
Does anything help you?
How do you manage to work with these? I can't get myself to work, I'm constantly scared I'll drop dead and they get worse if I'm doing anything but sitting.
Just general advice.
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Mine keep changing.  It might be months of with a certain type of flair up but eventually it changes to something else.  sometimes better.  sometimes worse.  this is what keeps me in the game, I know it will always keep changing.  when I'm down, no where to go but up.
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