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How long can PVC's last?

I usually get episodes of PVC's that can last up to a few hours then I won't have any at all for several weeks. Well, since Saturday they have been pretty much none stop. Also, my pulse rate has been around 95 the whole time. I took some ativan so I actually feel pretty relaxed except for these extra beats. Will my rhythm go back to normal on its own and if so how long should I wait it out. I've had all the HEART tests in the past coming back normal but I've never experienced an episode lasting this long without a break. Please advise!
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I had them for 6 months straight once.  Varied in intensity, anywhere from once every 30 seconds to once every ten.  

But as they say, if this represents a change for you, it wouldn't hurt to see a doctor.  That being said, PVC's tend to be benign in nature.
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I'm sorry to hear you had an episode that lasted 6 months. I'm on my third day and going nuts. Will my heart just randomly convert back to its normal rhythm. Is there anything I can do to help convert it back? I've had the stomach flu the last 24 hours which may be the reason it hasn't converted back yet. Also is it normal for our overall pulse rate to be up when were experiencing these extra beats.
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I can have them happen when my heart's beating slowly or quickly.  If you're having added anxiety because of the PVC's I would think it would be normal to have an elevated heart rate because of it.  

As for why your heart hasn't dropped the extra beats - anyone's guess, really.  If stress is causing them, then the stressors haven't been removed.  If it's something else, than that stimulant hasn't been removed (be it a food, a beverage, etc).

Hang in there.  It'll get better.
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Mine have been constant for 2 months now.  I have never experienced anything like this.  I used to get 125 skips in 24 hours on a bad day.  On a good day the holter recoreded only 6 skips in 24 hours.  So this increase to feeling them every 10,20,30,5,6 and so on beats is unnerving for me.  I called my doctor this morning and he told me that there is absolutely nothing to worry about.  BUT..I am going in tomorrow because I want another holter on.  I know myself well enough that if I get some piece of mind, they will diminish.  Yours will too.  Just calling my doctor today has helped in their frequency.
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I know how frustrating that is.  I've gone through periods where I tell myself "If I don't have any for the next 30 beats, I'm sure I'll be fine."  As beat #25 comes up and I get anxious that the thing I convinced myself of is actually gonna fly, I get one.

Then I'll get them every 5 beats and I'll tell myself "as long as I don't get them every third beat...."  Then I get them every third beat.

Please hold open the real option in your mind and heart that it's possible for this to get better.  Once you do that, they just might.  :)

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I understand completely.  I have had this condition since I was about 17 (& I am 58 now) but over the past several yrs they increased dramatically in frequency and over the past 2 weeks I have been experiencing them all day (they calm down somewhat in the eve). This is what prompted me to join this forum.  It has been very helpful for me to hear from the others who have had extended periods of irregular beats, although make no mistake, it is still hard to live with.  Like Wisconsin, my heart rate is 66-80 so that does not seem to be significant factor.  Neither do any of the other common triggers ~ caffeine, alcohol, stress (cuz this happens when I am calmly reading a book too).  In terms of meds ~ my medication, which is Inderal, used to help but has done nothing recently to help minimize them.  You should at least let your doctor know.
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you mentioned having the flu.  Being sick is one of my PAC/PVC triggers.  i suppose the additional demands on the body and lack of sleep contribute to the problem.  if you are worried get a Holter monitor, the skipped beats will stop for sure!!!!  just kidding, Holters are great, it's a good feeling to dump a lot of good data into a Holter and then have the Doc say they are no problem.  
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Lol - I can relate to a heart's stage fright.  I was having between 5-10,000 PVC's a day for awhile, then I get a 48 hour Holter strapped on, and there were 6 or 7 PVC's the whole time.
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My PVC's have been costantly straight for since Dec 15th/08. Usually averaging around 1500-3000+plus a day. When will it stop...i dont know...Good luck with yours
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I was diagnosed with pvc last year have 1 every 2-4 beats, all tests are nomral my cardiologist put me on atenolo twice daily 50 mg and zoloft  its scary bc every woemn in my family has died of heart disease...i was a crazy caffeine drinker -cuban coffee, red bulls for 8 years, i have been caffeine free for 3 months but i am smoking cigerettes now and i cant seem to stop i just want to know whats going on!!!!I am not overweight ,I am active with a 4 year old bot and only 30-im scared to be too active though even though my echo,stress test, blood work are great
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i been haveing them since dec 24 it jan 21 had all the heart test they cant fine anything but really scares me i am 49 and worrry that my heart will stop any way i could talk to you my email is ***@**** thanks ricky
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hi, I have 10,000 pvcs a day from the holter monitor.
The doctor said its a benign condition, how does he know?

oky I did ecgs, eco, stress test, blood tests, all normal.

should i do an angiogram?
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Getting nervous makes them worse and don't think about them. When you think about them.... than the heart will skip or add another beat. That's how I handle them. Play video games or go out with friends having a good time. Try masterbating :) PVC are very common in people. You will have them on and off through the rest of your life. MAYBE! Just try not to let all of this give you anxiety because anxiety will make it worse. Lol. Have a great day and may God bless you.
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Wow it's like reading my own story over and over.  I too found this sight just looking for comfort from others experiencing it too.  I think I have two things making mine worse.  The Vegus nerve, I have Gerd and my hormones.  I can go for years will little problems with my PVC's and then, like lately, a month ago they started up multiple times a day everyday but especially after eating and just before, during and slightly after my cycle.  PVC's are scary and unnerving.  I wish we could all give each other an answer that will make them go away.  Im considering an ablation as I just dont want to live with this for the rest of my life.
Take comfort, all of us.  We are not alone
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I have them, my sister told me that she had it and it went away 3 weeks after taking 500mg of magnesium per day. I am taking that but it has only been a few days. I stopped drinking any cafeen as well and it seems to calm them a little.
Awesome forum.  I too suffer from pvc's and they've recently been almost non-stop 24/7 for a few days now and it's troubling.  I was tested a couple of years ago when they first appeared and everything checked out ok.  I've gotten to the point that I don't worry about them so much, but this latest episode has gotten me more concerned than usual...
How did the magnesium work?
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mine last from mins to days to weeks , have had them 6 weeks or more
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I have had them every day since October 2016. Some days are not as bad but I have them all day, every day.
Hi, I know your comment is old but did you ever have a diagnosis for your PVCs, I get them every day also :(
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I've been having this issue for about 5 days now. I went to the ER and they told me that i have anxiety. Which i do. My Sister passed away 2 years ago and ive never been the same since. So anxiety and stress will make them worse. My EKG came back normal. They said to rule anything out, do a stress test and Echo test, among others... I wish this could stop bwcause its just making my stress level worse. Its scary.
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Omg yes. I just started having them 3 days ago. Went to er to get a clear EKG and be released.

They started after a heavy meal, went away at night and retuned a day later after a heavy lunch. So I do think there's some connection with food. What? No idea.

I need to experiment with diet and lifestyle changes to figure it out.

Tums seemed to work a bit. Need to try cutting out carbs and such.  Ugh

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with this problem.  
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Hey guys, got the same thing. Stress is the main factor, both physically and mentally. This last week I went through major mental stress aswell as physical stress due to a sinus infection, and yup it came back. Also get good sleep because a lack of sleep puts stress on your body. Also, meditate to relax!!!! Im also a huge supporter of the curestress app. Search for it on your cell. Really works! The 7min meditation is free.
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I have experienced daily palpitations for the last year.  Now I am on week 4 of none (well, one set which I will explain).  I've cut out MSG, BHA/BHT, nitrates and all artificial sweeteners.  I had one set of them about 30 mins after eating some breakfast sausage; read the ingredients and it listed BHA & BHT.  None since.  Knock on wood.  
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