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How long can a PVC last?

For a long time now I have had what Dr's have stated are PVC's that occur anywhere from 3 to 15 times per day or more.  I also have sever panic disorder due to severe anxiety that was diagnosed about 8 years ago.  Sometimes my heart races so fast that I end up calling an ambulance to the house just to check me out and give me peace of mind but by the time they get there I have calmed down mostly just due to the fact that I know help is on the way.  My main concern is the PVC's and how often they happen or how long they last.  What is the normal length of a PVC and can they happen several back to back and you still be in the safe zone?  I sometimes get a flip flop feeling that lasts 5 to 10 secs in my chest and was told by someone else that PVC's are usually just a quick faint feeling with a skipped feeling in the beat as it kicks back in.  This really worries me and sends me into panic attacks many times due to my heart rate being my main trigger for anxiety attacks :( Please help.
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Treat the root cause.  You are focused on symptoms.  If the PVCs haven't killed you by now they won't.  I can sit here all day and explain what they are and how they happen and why they're harmless but that won't help with your anxiety/panic disorder.  Don't mean to sound harsh.  Been through it myself.

The root cause is the anxiety and panic disorder.  Get that under control and the symptoms will fade.  Best to seek out professional help, I did cognitive behavioral therapy.
That's what i'm looking into, they say it's MUCH better than just popping pills the rest of your life and being a zombie which I refuse to do.  Thanks for the info, Dr's want me to wear a heart monitor for about a month just to be sure that the back to back palpitations are the dangerous kind but other than that they told me people just don't die of palpitations.  There has to be some underlying issue that was undiagnosed in order for anything to happen.  I'm going to talk to my Dr. about it more tomorrow and see what I can have done and about getting to some CBT.  I'm just really really worried still because when they happen I get really faint and dizzy feeling sometimes.  Especially when more than one happens in a row :(
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I have thousands of PVCs a day and I'm still here.  Sometimes, when I get into a pattern, like every other beat is a PVC, it can feel like a constant flutter.  It's quite annoying and anxiety provoking, but the more you concentrate on it, the worse it's going to get.  I have found that if I go about my business and try to ignore them, I am much better off.  
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