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How long do you get PVCs from a reflux causing meal?

If I eat tomato sauce, it causes digestive pain and/or reflux. The digestive pain lasts for days, basically until it leaves the body. I seem to have increased PVCs this whole time. I assume it's irritating my vagus nerve. This is all made worse if I do some physical activity. If I just sit around on my computer or watch TV, it's not too bad. If I get up and clean the house, it is worse, more PVCs. How does your experience match up, or not, with this?
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I try to not pay too much attention to mine but I definitely get them in response to reflux.  I would suggest that you try taking an antacid prior to eating foods that may cause you reflux.  Reflux over time will damage your esophagus so best to treat it before it does too much damage.  it should help you avoid getting the premature beats triggered by the reflux.  Take care.
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