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How many PVCs is too many?

There is an interesting article in the Heart Rhythm journal in the July 2010 issue.  The title is "Relationship between burden of premature ventricular complexes and left ventricular function"

I'm not sure how medhelp will handle this link, so if this gets munged or filtered try searching on the title above.


From what I read, the study tried to put a number on how PVCs is too many.  They came up with >24% of overall beats in a 24 hour period or about 26,000 in an average person.  This >24% is like a cutoff that separated the patients with LV dysfunction from those without it.  They probably did this by measuring LVEF.  I also saw that the LVEF had to show improvement by reducing the PVC burden below this threshold.
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Thanks for sharing :) Interesting research.

I cannot even try to imagine (luckily) what 24.000 PVCs feels like. I got approx 50 ectopics (mostly PACs) on my Holter, I felt every single one and I thought that was a lot..
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I have probably at least 6 a minute and its been like that now for 4 weeks...really wish the cycle would end...NOW!!  Been fighting these darn things for 20 years and right now is the worst I have ever been.
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Doing a little math (if I got it right) that would be based on an average heart rate of around 72 bpm and a person would have to have about 18 ectopics a minute with no break. I think most of us have a bad hour or two or even a bad day. But not often do we have that many going on without some kind of break.

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I know how you feel and it *****!  I have been between 5 and 18 a minute for the past week and it was driving me nuts.  I have been dealing with it on and off for the past 20 years.  The past year has been my hardest.  It was so bad last week that I went to the ER but I already knew they'd just send me home.  They found nothing wrong except PVC's and PAC's.  So I called my family DR and told them what was going on and they told me to go back to the ER.  Well, I was so tired of dealing with it I called the Cleveland Clinic in OH and they got me in the next day.   Had to drive 6 hours to get there but I heard it was one of the best places to go.  They were so nice and took a lot of time with me.  They ran all the necessary tests and then I spoke to the DR at the end of the visit.  He told me that this was not going to kill me and that it knows its not very much fun to deal with.  He told me at least 10 times that I would be fine.  I did not feel rushed and felt like he did care which I really did appreciate.  He put me on Metoprolol Succinate (ER) low dose 12.5mg.  This seem to have reduced them for now.  Only getting maybe 10 a day now.  I know they will return at some point because they always do.  I guess we can only believe what the DRs tell us and just do whatever it takes to get through the bad days.  Good luck and know you are not alone.
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man, I cannot wait till I get 10 a day...Normally, I only have to deal with them for about 2 weeks and then nothing for months, but this one will not quit!! 4 weeks every 15 0r so secs and still going.  Made an appointment with a cardio but not until 2 weeks, which by then, they may be gone...I hope so!!
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BTW, what was your longest run of these skips?
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