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How safe is pacemaker

My son is 17 year old. I was advised by to input pacemaker by 1 doctor. Another cardiologist said that pacemaker can have side effects like leads leakage which ultimately can lead to heart problems. And other infections as well.  They said he is too young to have pacemaker. Has anyone got any experience or suggestions please? Thanks in advance.

Worried mom.
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If there is a real chance that a heart will stop beating, a pace maker will keep it "ticking" and the person alive  Of course, there are risks, and heart problems at age 17 are very unusual.

I would quesiton the first doctor about he risks he sees of not installing a pace maker.
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Thank you very much for your reply Jerry_NJ.  
Doctors are talking risk of lead leaking and getting infection in leads which can lead to open heart surgery. Not sure how much is it true.
There is proof that on the last episode of syncope his heart stopped twice for 4.8 and 10 seconds in that under 1 minute episode.
I am going to see another cardiologist who is electrophysiologist next week.  Hopefully will get some answer through him.
Thanks again for your reply.
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Yes, being checked/studied by an EP Cardiologist is a good approach to finding the best solution.

I know several older people who have pacemakers and one who had one installed just a few days ago. I have not heard of any problems..but of course none of these people are playing football and basketball... all are ambient and do walk to various degrees.  I don't consider any of them athletic, not even old person athletic which I used to be...was a runner up to age 67, when atrail fibrillation put a stop to that.  I still do not have a pacemaker, but it could be used if my atrial fibrillation gets out of control now achieved with medication.

Again, your son's age says look for the most permanent-fix possible.  The pacemaker technology continues to improve and whatever its shortcomings and risks, I believe they few and low, respectively.
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My son had his icd implanted when he was 23 because of cardiac sudden death.  He plays football, sand volleyball and many other sports, all without issues.  He just had his battery changed out in January and he was back playing volleyball in 3 or 4 weeks.  If, during the EP study, they find the spot causing the issue, they may be able to ablate it, which would be good for your son and he may not need a pacemaker.
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Thank you again for sharing your experiences.
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