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How to eliminate or reduce Heart Palpitation

I'm so happy to find this site. Last night, I called 911 because of palpitation and it's been an ongoing problem for me for about 8 yrs. I tend to get nervous when it hits while being alone specially when  my wife is out working nightshift. It usually occur at night when I get up suddenly to go to the bathroom to urinate or just waking up in the middle of the night. My feet and hands gets cold and I always quick to grab the telephone and get ready to call for help. I probably called 911 six times here our little community in Alaska. The symptom goes away in 5 to 15 minutes. Like for so many people, I've gone through all the test (EKG, echocardiogram, blood, X-Ray, Stress test) and all was NORMAL. I am an athletic type person and own a BOWFLEX machine and have a manual treadmill. Always workout regularly but recently I stop jogging outdoor and reduce my cardiovascular exercise into one half my usual routine  hoping to minimize the occurence of PVC. I am not sure if this is the right decision.
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What happens when you feel the palpitations?  Did you have a holter monitor?  What is your pulse rate when this happens?  Does it jump from a normal rate to very fast rate?

Some docs believe that routine exercise helps reduce pvcs. Haave you eliminated caffiene? Alcohol? chocolate?  

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I was one of those who exercised helped.  The doctor used to tell me to just keep running....lol

We're so glad you found us too!!  Please feel free to read, post and visit often.  We've got a great network of people and we really do understand : )

Welcome from the East Coast!  

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I drink chamomile tea to help with my palpatations.  Sometimes when they are really bad you can steam a few cabbage leaves in the water you use to make the tea.  It dosn't taste really good but works great!

Peppermint tea is also calming.

Don't stop your cardio!!  You don't have to run, brisk walking works good too.

(This is from Bottom Line's Healing Remedies)
This remedy is recommended for people who have a history of heart problems - right before going to bed, take a 10 minute footbath.  Step into calf-high water, as hot as you can take it without scalding yourself.  As the minutes pass and the water cools add more hot water.  After 10 minutes, step out of the tub and dry your feet thoroughly, preferably with a rough towel.

Once your feet are dry, give them a one minute massage, manipulating the toes as well as the entire foot.  This footbath/massage may help circulation, remove congestion around the heart and lead you to a peacerful night's sleep.

Good luck!
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OK, this is going to sound strange to many on the forum, but I was having a bad day with pvc's the other day and I went on line looking for something to make them stop. Usually exercise will do it for me but not this time. I read on a British Cardiology site that if you pinch your nose  and seal your lips, then try to push air out of your nose, kind of like making your ears pop, it will sometimes stimulate the vesovegal nerve and reset your heart rhythm. Well being in the mind set to try anything that point I did this and it worked immediately. Don't know if it was all in my head but it has worked on two occassions since. I can hear people laughing out there, I would be too probably but hey it's worth a try when you're desperate!

Good luck....

Hi Erijon, there is one very effective suppliment you can take to counteract and pretty much eliminate pvc's and pac's. I have them myself and this really works, its an amino acid called L-Taurine.Research this online. It has shown to shuttle nutrients in and out of the cells of the heart making it stronger and work more efficiantly. The other amino acids are good as well such as L-Argenine and L-Citruline but the Taurine specifically works on the heart.
Start with a low dose of 500 mg. morning and night, if you buy powder form, don't take too much.
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hee, hee, I wasn't laughing at your recommendation, just at the thought of so many of us trying it.

Sadly, it didn't work for me, I'm still in trigeminy at the moment, but maybe it will help someone else.
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I've tried that method...I'm glad it worked for you... it sometimes works for me if I am in tachycardia but seldom works for my pvc's pac's if I am at a "normal" rate.
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