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How to stop PVCs - one after another

I've read of a few different ways to stop a run of PVCs, but am curious as to whether they work. Here's the methods I've come across:

1. drink glass of cold water
2. splash cold water on face
3. push fists into eye sockets
4. strain as if you're having a bowel movement
5. stick finger in throat to initiate gag reflex

I've had two episodes (weightlifting and running) where out of nowhere, I got multiple PVCs for upwards of 3 minutes or so, where they came on every other beat. They eventually stopped, but scared the crap out of me. I've since seen a cardiologist and have been given the green light, but was curious if any of the methods above work for stopping a PVC run. The one PVC at a time I get nearly daily isn't so bad, but it's the multiple ones in short succession that bother me. It's only happened twice in the last few years, but I know I'll eventually experience another one before too long.
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I have heard of these as well as the one were you take a deep breath, hold your nose and push like you are trying to blow out the air, without really letting it out (kind of what people will do sometimes to get their ears to "pop")

I am not sure how they work. I have daily PVCs but praise the Lord I have not had more then 2 or 3 a minute for very short spurts. My cardio has given me the green light as well but they still really suck! I am not sure if there is really anyway to stop them.
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I would give all of them a try except pushing your fists into your eye sockets.  That one doesn't sound too pleasant or wise ; )
If I were you I would also avoid caffeine and any cold medicines if you can, anything that has a stimulant.  And when you do notice them try to do your best to relax.  The adrenaline produced from stressing out about them will actually make them worse.
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I will get runs of PVC's that last a couple of hours. Just a few week ago, I was in town shopping, and they just kept coming (I know they were from the stuffed bell pepper I had eaten right before). After an hour, I headed home, was visibly upset when I got there because they make me feel so darn bad, and I asked my husband to get me ice and my daughter to get me ice water. I filled the sink up with water and threw the ice in and placed my hands in there for as long as I could stand (a few seconds on and off). I then drank the ice water and almost immediately, they stopped. It's not always possible to do that, but you could stop at fast-food to get you ice water, or if you're on a trip, carry a small ice chest in the car with bottled water. You can always throw your hands in there. I resorted to the water when the bearing down and coughing did not work. Hope this helps :)
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Not sure if I'm having pac's, or pvc's, or both but this works for me (also for short runs of tachycardia):  1. Breathe out all the air from your lungs through your mouth. 2, Inhale thru your nose to the count of four.  3.  Hold your breath to a count of 7.  4.  Exhale thru your mouth to a count of 8.  Do 4 of these, and after you are used to it, do 8.

It will slow your heart down and help with the anxiety and panic that often result from irregular beats.  If you can reduce the adrenaline rush, you're halfway home.

I am going to try the cold water cure and see if it works for me.

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I had them BAD a few years ago and they are not conducive to my life style.  My Cardiologist did a surgical "oblation" on me
And it worked for 8 years  now they're back but only once in a while..
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I had them daily for a year steady then they stopped in one day for the next 5 months.  The other day they started up with a vengeance.  Two beats and skip for 20 or 30 times then 4 then 6 beats.  My heart does not get past 6 beats at any time and there is another PVC.  20 to 30 thousand a day now!
How are you getting along now?
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