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Hyperaware of Heart and PVCs

So i have had PVC's for going on 14 years, 37 Y/O Male, Normal weight

I had a holter monitor done in 08' and it showed 6600 PVC's in 24h after starting 240mg verapamil, later that year they just vanished. I maybe had a handful or two in 24h, a drastic change. in 2018 i wanted to get off verapamil because it caused my colon to slow down making me sick from CIC, so i saw a new electro heart doc and he ordered me off the meds and a week later had a stress test and 48h holter. Doc called with the results and he was fine with everything and i could stay off the meds.

Everything was fine for the last two years, I would go days without feeling a skip and when i did, it would cause anxiety and eventually go away. It changed however when i went to Disney World with my wife and friends in OCT 2019, i got basically dehydrated at the tail end of the trip and noticed skips while i was at the last park. I brushed it off and went on. I then went to my Gastro doc in the same month to get put on prucalopride for my CIC since i did a ton of research and it had a very good heart safety rating, however, it caused my heart rate to jump into the 130 about 30 minutes after taking the pill and i discontinued it after 4 doses, including a doseage adjustment. Seems like i was allergic to something in it because it made me very hot and raised my body temp. Since then i have been hyper aware of my heart.

Everytime i have a PVC i have bad anxiety and i have been stressing over it for a couple of months now. I randomly get PVC's with a kick of adrenaline, like when i wake up in the morning for work. If i majorly stress my heart, like clearing a lot of snow, i will get PVC's, which is no different from before, but now that i am hyper aware, its even worse. Even standing up too fast or getting out of my car after driving for a while might kick up a pvc or two. The sad part is, i only have on average less than 10 a day. Some days i dont feel any at all. I do have a follow up with my Doc in less than 3 weeks but i was curious if anyone else out there has had stuff like this happen.  The anxiety is crippling, i am too scared to even book a trip back to Japan
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Don’t be afraid of booking a trip back to Japan.

Japan legitimately have better electrophysiology departments than the USA. Japan or Korea would both be great places to have something go wrong with your heart to be honest..

It’s interesting that the PVC were verapamil sensitive. But I wouldn’t worry too excessively about it. If your echo is normal, verapamil sensitive Ventricular Tachycardias (the worst case scenario here) are not lethal.

Though they are very sensitive to ablation. Might be an easy situation to fix surgically. Have you ever had VT episodes?
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Whats verapamil sensitive  VT?  

I dont think i have had VT before, my holter caught a triplet but classified it as AIVR because my HR was mid to upper 70's

Outside of that, nothing
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